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"Love is entertaining!"

Common Spark Media is a wedding photography company owned and operated by a husband-wife team. Bud is the photographer. He loves The Office, enjoys making leather goods, and could probably live on pizza alone. On Sundays, you’ll find him playing guitar for their local church. Photography is his art and he has been shooting professionally since 2004.  

Sarah’s the biz-wiz and email guru. She makes sure you get the best attention, fastest responses and most personalized service.    "We have the best job getting to know the coolest folks and getting to be a part of the best day of their lives!

We LOVE weddings. And perhaps more importantly, we LOVE marriages. We want to photograph couples that are truly head-over-heels for each other. The goal is to capture love. Capture memories. Give people images to love and to cherish, to remind them of the excitement and joy that marriage and families bring. We handcraft each image into a piece of art, perfectly detailing your emotion in that moment. We want you to be able to relive those moments over and over again. 

Let's get a coffee soon and talk about your BIG day! Send us an email at hello@commonsparkmedia.com to schedule your consultation today!"


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Common Spark is absolutely incredible!!! After meeting with Bud we knew that our search for a photographer was over. I had seen their work because of my sister in law and I absolutely loved their style. However, after working with them personally I love them for beyond just their pictures. Bud and Sarah are amazing people and genuinely care about their clients. They walk you through every step of the process and you don't have to worry about a thing! If I ever had a question, they emailed me back right away. I can't say enough good things about them!

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Profile Picture User4404586, 2+ years ago, 4 Reviews
Category: Photography

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bud and Sarah. I had seen their photos in the past and I loved them. When we got engaged, they were the obvious first choice. Their creativity, photography style, professionalism, and all around personalities are out of this world! During our engagement session, Bud took his time getting to know us, which instantly made us feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Throughout the planning, they were super responsive to all our questions. When the day of the wedding rolled around, Bud and his team were with us all day and were excellent to work with! They were able to capture all of our special moments before, during and after the ceremony and reception. They were so warm and genuine it felt like they were actually a part of our wedding and not just a vendor. Most importantly, the quality of their work is superb (peruse their website and you'll see what I mean). Our wedding photos really capture how magical and special our wedding day was and really exceeded all of our expectations. Lastly, they use PASS (a really cool photo sharing web-based software), which provides you with high-quality electronic prints of ALL your photos. They also give you full rights to your images, which makes it so easy to print, download and share your photos with family and friends! Thank you Common Spark Media! We will cherish our photographs forever!

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Profile Picture Kimberly, 5/9/15, 3 Reviews
Category: Photography

Common Spark Media was amazing!! This husband and wife team are quick to respond to your questions and there to support you every step of the way. They love sharing about their past weddings and enjoy helping you plan out all the details of your wedding, so they can meet your every need! We had a meet and greet in person to go over prices and general expectations at Starbucks. Bud is super easy to work with - such a great person as well as a photographer. We also had a phone meeting several weeks before the wedding to make sure he knew who and what I wanted pictures with, we also went over my itinerary at that time. His wife is great when it comes to book keeping and helping keep the bride calm while planning for the BIG day! I was nervous about paying more than expected for our photos - however you have full right to all the photos he takes! You can download them and print them at walmart, cvs , ext. or have them professionally printed. All your photos get loaded onto your own personal webpage so your family and friends can view and download which ever ones they want if you choose to give them the web link. My husband and I were very satisfied with Common Spark Media, Bud has a way of capturing your wedding day unlike any other photographer I have seen! We will be using them for future photo sessions. Thank you Common Spark Media!!!

Profile Picture Heather, 8/30/14, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Common Spark Media is fantastic! Their images are beautiful and as a MUA it is great to be able to show your work through great pictures!

Bud with Common Spark Media is on the top of my list for photographers that I refer! Every photographer has a unique style and approach. Bud's style is by far one of my favorites! His photos grace my website from my bride Stephanie's wedding in 2014 and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. To capture your special day, call Common Spark Media!

I have had the opportunity to work with Bud of Common Spark Media on multiple styled shoots and he was the official photographer of my boutique grand opening. His passion for his craft is palpable and he is clearly well respected by his professional peers. He spends a great deal of time honing his art and collaborating with other creatives to enhance his skill and teach what he knows as well. He has a wonderful ability to bring out the best of the individuals that he is shooting. His images are emotive and rich. He is well traveled and the perfect choice for destination wedding photography as well as local venues. I would highly recommend Common Spark Media to captures wedding and special event memories.



8215 Woodbridge Road, Mechanicsville, VA 23111   See On Map
804-314-2957 (phone)