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Full service event planning company specializing in all types of social events!

Classic Events by Kris is a full service event planning company specializing in all types of social events for the Greater Philadelphia Area. Our goal is to make your event stress-free so you can enjoy yourself and your guests. Each event is customized to fit your needs and vision from the start of the planning process. We strive to make every event a Classic Event! 

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33 Reviews for Classic Events By Kris

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Book her early because she's very good

Profile Picture User6884813, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Destination, Religious, Day-Of Coord., Ceremony, Reception

Kris did day of coordination and set up for our wedding. She did an outstanding job! We met a few months prior to our wedding and she brought up questions I did not originally think about. I thought she was well organized, professional, reliable, and easy to get in touch with. She went to my venue earlier than proposed the day of because of the set up entailed. I would recommend her to anyone!

Profile Picture Dawn, 10/10/15, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Day-Of Coord., Non-Religious, Ceremony, Reception

Choosing Classic Events By Kris to help us prepare for our wedding day was one of the most important and best decisions we made when planning was underway. Our wedding was VERY much do it yourself down to the smallest detail. It was a lot to take on and while we originally were very naive about the amount of work and organization that would be going into it, halfway to our wedding date we realized we needed help. We needed help not just in the planning and organization but mostly so in the day of execution of everything. The last thing you want to be worried about on the day of your wedding is who will light the 50 luminaries or who will bring out the desserts. Kris helped us figure out these details and introduced ideas and thoughts that we honestly would have never thought of ourselves or would have overlooked. We really feel like she helped us to dodge a lot of DIY wedding day bullets with her suggestions and knowledge of events and parties. Even though Kris knew she would be out of town the day of our wedding, she still worked with us up until the day before the wedding and assured us that her co-coordinator Nikki would be completely briefed and up to date on anything and everything we needed and had planned. Nikki and her host helpers were honestly invaluable to us, our other vendors and our family the day of. If there were any problems or disruptions we did not know about them as the bride and groom and that is a mark of a successful coordinator and planner. We cannot recommend Kris, Nikki and the whole Classic Events team enough. They are fabulous and they will make any event (especially a wedding) stress free for you and perfect. Please check them out!

Profile Picture Emily, 9/26/15, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

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Great to work with and is very detail oriented!

Kris is a wonderful and attentive wedding planner. She was in touch with us prior to the wedding to help coordinate times, and was there throughout the day to help ensure things ran smoothly from tasks as small as helping to hold the bride's flowers or dress, or as large as ensuring the reception room was properly set up. She was everywhere at all times, without being in the way.

We have had the pleasure of working with Kris, she is amazing. Dedicated to her work, she impresses every time. Mid Atlantic Limousines highly recommends Classic Events By Kris to ensure perfection on your special day!

Kris did an amazing job as the day-of coordinator for Kathy & Nick's wedding this past Saturday. With nearly 200 guests and a bridal party of 16(!) she managed to keep everything running smoothly and beautifully, and her calm competence kept my bride and groom relaxed and happy and focused on each other - just the way a photographer wants it! I was thrilled to work with her and would gladly recommend her to any couple looking for some help with all the craziness that comes with planning a wedding.

Kris was excellent to work with. She treated all of us as part of the team and the day flowed smoothly. I would recommend her as a planner for any bride! Hopefully we get to work together again!



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