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We work with events large and small and are more than happy to help them all.


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Caloosa Tent & Rental is an event rental company. We work with events large and small and are more than happy to help them all. We have all of your standard party rentals such as tables, chairs, china, flatware, etc... as well as staging and lighting. Please check our fun party rentals such as the dunk tanks and games as well! We have a LARGE selection of specialty linens to make your event extra special. Need some help catering an event? We have cooking equipment too. That is just the beginning of what we can offer you. Please, don't forget the tents!! Look over the pictures in our gallery to see much of what we offer. However, the selection there is not complete so please call us if you are looking for something neat! We look forward to working with you!


Categories: Wedding Rental

Regions serviced: Naples

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We loved the arch that was delivered to my wedding at the Westin in Cape Coral. The arch was delivered and setup in plenty of time before the wedding started. Thank you Caloosa Tent and Event Rental!

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Profile Picture JOY, 5/7/16, 11 Reviews
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths
Services Used: Delivery, Setup

Worked with Caloosa for just the ceremony chairs. They were great. Wrote up the most reasonable quote I had received. Were quick to respond to my questions and also, all the chairs were delivered on time and were in good condition!!

would recommend!

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Profile Picture Patricia, 10/18/14, 10 Reviews
Category: Event Rentals & Photobooths

Caloosa Tent & Rental Pricing

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Dance Floor (12x12 ft)
Starting from $184.00

Caloosa Tent & Rental FAQ

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Lounge Furniture
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Chocolate Fountain
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220x220 sq 1509369840441 mahogany resin folding chair black seat caloosa te
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220x220 sq 1449782811421 tentclear5
220x220 sq 1478615296292 wrapped frme tent images caloosa tent fort myers w
220x220 sq 1478615296394 bamboo arch caloosa tent rental fort myers beach w
220x220 sq 1534357837 366fa302d3f27754 1534357834 6135633b7ed5566e 1534357834140 2 high peak tents
220x220 sq 1478615377997 tents website fb
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220x220 sq 1534357791 b3f6f6153e18620b 1534357787 19c1340a2257faad 1534357786556 1 sequin tablecloth
220x220 sq 1534357865 7839ea300c3f4464 1534357864 7d5bac0a0f95dfe9 1534357866326 4 colonnade
220x220 sq 1534357872 e9e1fab15ab487ef 1534357871 38de91beb06fcc34 1534357873417 5 small arch
220x220 sq 1534357917 361b01ca2ec3da61 1534357914 37b611a4f5d55411 1534357914468 1 candy bar inspirat
220x220 sq 1534357953 07dc94b5eb61aa39 1534357952 f9f763d0f09c05c0 1534357954531 4 wagon wheel chande
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220x220 sq 1534357977 b32c82432a33a5ef 1534357973 00f34fb80dcc315c 1534357973699 6 recently updated83
220x220 sq 1534357979 b7914f5e7832a293 1534357978 f5611a858f5eb1a4 1534357980765 7 ribber jar
220x220 sq 1534357993 9219042bc9b767cd 1534357992 817d4f21112ce2f2 1534357994216 8 square vases
220x220 sq 1534358031 4b350df367411d3d 1534358028 167e9d697e49cdbe 1534358025199 1 shutter screen bac
220x220 sq 1534358030 820875cab05aec4b 1534358028 51f23c4c27314448 1534358025202 2 wagon wheel rental
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220x220 sq 1534358122 6649ea89809e4f3c 1534358122 9d34df24f7252131 1534358124054 6 galvanized tub cal
220x220 sq 1534358163 851863dec888300f 1534358162 6af185963a7354b9 1534358164254 1 22 in silverplated
220x220 sq 1534358177 59e67381252a105a 1534358174 f7e0b08f220afa01 1534358175965 2 chivari chair coll
220x220 sq 1534358194 0090633a52f3c9eb 1534358192 4558f6d558e7bddb 1534358194060 3 chocolate fountain
220x220 sq 1534358232 071619fa65dbac7d 1534358231 e8e7fffc02ce42da 1534358232856 4 siena goblet  10.5
220x220 sq 1534358258 837b775d8bbe7064 1534358256 0d619dd4f12c7b1f 1534358257097 5 wedding chalkboard
220x220 sq 1534358275 6a872fd91a4ebf45 1534358274 e566f747738a325d 1534358276122 6 banana leaf tarys
220x220 sq 1534358288 98898ebf07e32d35 1534358286 073f8238e6b6f288 1534358288635 7 serving trays


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220x220 sq 1365008693444 chuppa
220x220 sq 1365008694913 cimg0293
220x220 sq 1365008696466 colonnade
220x220 sq 1365008697614 empirecolumns
220x220 sq 1365009280532 chaffers
220x220 sq 1365009281787 electric hot box
220x220 sq 1365009427691 18inroundsilverplatedcakestand
220x220 sq 1365009428742 godingerfootedcakestandcake
220x220 sq 1365009430232 squaremetalcakestand13in
220x220 sq 1365009439639 dunktank
220x220 sq 1365009441654 moonwalk
220x220 sq 1365009464912 3gallonbeveragefountain
220x220 sq 1365009466704 beveragejar
220x220 sq 1365009468679 ivorygodingerteapot
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6 Wedding Deals & Discounts

1534357736 e6f07e21b45204a0 caloosa tent rental events wedding party clear tent balck and


$3.85 Value | Promo Code: Mahogany Folding
220x220 sq 1534355806177 1534355799943 mahogany resin folding chair b

Mahogany Resin Folding Chairs

$3.85 Value | Promo Code: Mahogany Folding
Mahogany resin folding chairs with a padded seat
Offer Expires: 10/27/2018
220x220 sq 1534356362565 1534356349397 20 x 20 frame tent

20 x 20 Tent, Table, & Chair Package

$3.85 Value | Promo Code: Mahogany Folding
Tent Package to Accommodate 50 Guests:1- 20 X 20 Frame Tent6- 8' Banquet Tables50- White Plastic Folding Chairs$320.00 Valid ONLY for events booked May- September 2018 New orders ONLY. This does not include: Delivery, taxes, damage waiver or labor to set table or chairs
Offer Expires: 09/30/2018
220x220 sq 1504817890170 tentdrape

Up to 50% Off Tent Liners and Ceiling Drapes

$1,000.00 Value | Promo Code: DRAPES
Up to 50% off tent liners. A tent liner completely covers and drapes the inside of the tent top. A picture is shown above. If you have gotten a price quote from us before and it was out of your price range, ask for another! We have tent liners to fit almost any size tent.
Offer Expires: 12/31/2018
1534357736 e6f07e21b45204a0 caloosa tent rental events wedding party clear tent balck and
This deal has


$168.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
Offer Expires: 08/15/2018
Available to the first 2 couples
1534357736 e6f07e21b45204a0 caloosa tent rental events wedding party clear tent balck and

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Professional Network & Endorsements

We have used you for all our bridal shows at Germain. Just great and done very well. also use you for chairs and arches for small weddings.


10879 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33966   See On Map
239-694-5177 (phone)
Caloosa Tent & Rental is a wedding event & tent rental company from Fort Myers, FL servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Naples. Caloosa Tent & Rental is a professional event rental company that has been part of the everything rental wedding industry since 1979 specializing in weddings, parties, events & tents.