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With 20 years of experience, Gaby Triana is the critically acclaimed "cake diva" and author of teen novels living in Miami, Florida. Articles about her self-taught cake artistry and books have appeared in numerous review journals and newspapers, including The Miami Herald, The Sun Sentinel, and The Boston Globe. Gaby has been baking most of her life, believes that the perfect cake is both beautiful AND delicious, and takes pride in her "entirely from scratch" approach to baking. No mixes. Only real ingredients. One designer, one cake at a time...that's why they're so good! Visit our website at and her author site at for more information. 

Categories: Wedding Cake

Regions serviced: Miami

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While my cake by Gaby was delicious, it fell short of expectations of levels other than taste. We booked Gaby because she responded to my ideas by enhancing them--when we met, she had a vision unlike other cake artists and we felt confident that the cake would look beautiful. Only two days before the wedding, she had her assistant call to say she couldn't find the right stencils for my cake, and had gotten the flavors wrong on my order sheet--not the kind of stress needed two days before a bride's big day. The flavors were corrected, but the pattern could not be, and the cake I received was not at all what I was hoping for. Delicious, but one I'm glad wasn't photographed extensively.

Profile Picture Nikki, 3/25/12, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake

I couldn't have picked a better Baker than Cakes by Gaby! My wedding cake was my favorite part of the reception! Gaby and her assistants were so professional, and the cake was so delicious! I would definitely recommend them to every bride!

Profile Picture Jordyn, 11/12/11, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

Gaby and her office manager, Ain-Hoa, were both easy to work with and professional. We ordered a wedding cake (Key Lime), bride's cake (Coconut) and groom's cake (Chocolate) from Cakes by Gaby and all three were delicious and beautifully done. Received many compliments on all three.

Profile Picture Jessica, 10/22/11, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Cakes by Gaby, was the best cake we ever ate at a wedding. They are absolutely, incredible. We would love to do more jobs with cakes by Gaby. Rich Steckler Infinity Films

Cakes by Gaby is awesome! They have beautiful Cakes, very detailed. My brides have all been super happy with Cakes by Gaby and I Must say that I am very pleased to have such a great reliable vendor. What ever design you dream they make reality! and the taste is Superb!!!

The cakes at Cakes by Gaby are beautifully crafted and tasted delicious. Your guest will be impressed when you order cake from Cakes by Gaby.

Perfect craftmanship, beautifully decorated, and flavors to indulge all tastes, Cakes by Gaby is definetly the company to have behind your sweets.

Beautiful and original cakes! Smooth fondant and buttercream appearance. Variety of flavors available. Definitely a must try company!! You will be pleased with services and quality of product!


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305-321-8481 (phone)
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