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Now serving Brides in Sitka and South East Alaska!
When quality photographs of your Wedding Day are what you want, Breezy Canford Photography will provide you with just that, professional photographic services and products at reasonable prices. I tailor everything to each individual couple and their needs.
Photography is my passion!  A  passion that I truely love! It makes me happy to see my clients excited when they see the memories from their special day. There is a light in their eyes when they see what I was able to create from their memories.
I serve North Carolina, Virginia and the DC/Maryland area. I am also open for any Destination Weddings, be it in the Mountains of Tennessee or a beach wedding in Cancun or even a Castle in Scotland. If you are interested in a Destination Wedding Photographer and you like MY style please contact me for specific information that is tailored to exactly what you need.
I am described as, outgoing, energentic, articulate, relaxed, yet I can also be a take charge kind of person when I need to be.
I will do everything in my power to work with each bride and her family from the engagement session to the wedding day to make you feel comfortable and give you exactly what you want.  I will capture the beauty and feeling of your special day,and will be sure that you are the center of attention!

My style of photography is a combination of several styles. I offer a Photojournalistic (is essentially a series of candid photographs covering the events of the entire day), Romantic, Modern, Illistrative (The photographer provides direction and the couple together with their bridal party are encouraged to interact, This results in a more spontaneous feel.) and Traditional ( contrived posed or ’set up’ look to photographs captured by the photographer) style rolled all into one to be MY style. I like  for the images to tell a story of your perfect day from beginning to end.  For parents I also like to get those big extended family group shots if you would like. I will provide you with detail photographs such as, the rings, flowers, cake etc... Everyone wants some of those romantic wedding portraits of yourselves just like you see in all of those Bridal magazines you’ve been looking at. With my blended style of photography you will get alot of images . And if you go with a one of my collections where a second photographer is included, you will get two different perspectives of much of your wedding day.

*Photojournalism Wedding Photography is said to appeal to the bride and groom that require a series of unique photographs designed to "tell a story" or narrate the wedding day.
*Illistrative Wedding Photography is said to bring out the more wedding photographer’s ’artistic’ creative and compositional skills rather than simply capturing a series of moments.
*Traditional Wedding Photography  can look visually pleasing, but predictable.
*Romantic Wedding portraits that show the love naturally between the happy couple.
I have been working in the photography field for over 10 years now. I have photographed numerous weddings, bridals and engagements. I also photograph, newborns, maternities, children, Boudoir and families.

References available upon request!

Categories: Wedding Photographer

Regions serviced: Hampton Roads, Anchorage

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Breezy was wonderful to work with. I felt comfortable with her the instant I met with her and we did a lot of our correspondence by email and she responded immediately. She adjusted the package to fit what I wanted and was very reasonablly priced. I'm not what you would call a "girly girl" and Breezy made me feel very comfortable. We didn't even know she was there most of the time and just from the preview shots we know she got some really good ones. Thank You so much for making this day go easy.

Profile Picture jeanne, 6/7/09, 5 Reviews
Category: Photography

Breezy was exactly what we were looking for! We needed some unconventional services and Breezy adjusted her package to accomidate our needs. :o) She was easy to contact, great to talk to, and gave us picture perfect memories of our special day! We are very happy to show off our wedding album!

Thanks so very much from the bottom of our hearts!

~Cori and John

Profile Picture Cori, 3/6/09, 1 Review
Category: Photography

Breezy is great!! She took the pics Jerry and I asked for and more. She is so professional and easy to talk to. I recommend her over any photographer out there.

Profile Picture Jessica, 10/26/08, 6 Reviews
Category: Photography

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1 Wedding Deal & Discount

1476674902 60c33d8f10b81365 1217700687067 pict1368assmartobject 1copy

Kauai Wedding Photography

Redeem In-Store
I will be in Kauai during those dates. I would love to shoot a Destination Wedding for anyone that is getting married during that time. Plese check out my site and see if my style fits you. All I ask is that you sign a release that I can use the image for business advertising. You would receive a CD with up to 100 fully processed images at full resolution (easily printable at 30X40) and a 10X10 storybook album. I would cover your event for any amount of time, so I can be there from start to fini


Sitka, AK 99835   See On Map
757-705-4815 (phone)