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One of the Best and most diverse Wedding DJ'S in the Richmond and surrounding areas!

A diverse wedding DJ in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas, Blendmasters DJ Service LLC brings high-energy to every event serviced. Owner Steve Anderson, professionally known as DJ HyOctane, founded the company in 2002 with the help of Earl “Emcee Wizzi” Jones. Passionate about their craft, Blendmasters DJ Service LLC offers an immensely diverse roster to make your affair truly one-of-a-kind!

Services Offered
Blendmasters DJ Service LLC takes care of every detail to make certain your event is one to remember. To ensure its couples have the best experience possible, the company provides the following services and amenities:

  • Consultation
  • Do-not-play list
  • MC services
  • Microphones
  • Sound/PA system
  • Uplighting

Categories: Wedding DJ

Regions serviced: Richmond

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This is the best DJ service I’ve ever experienced. I’ve used other DJs in the past but none could compare to Blendmasters! Our wedding experience was awesome in part because of the music and the atmosphere DJ K Love set in place! Blendmasters are now a part of our family!

Profile Picture Alicia, 6/30/18, 1 Review
Category: DJ

DJ Steve and his team was absolutely amazing ! They were so supportive and responsive . They were able to really gain me and my husbands style and need for our wedding!

Profile Picture Amy Colleen, 4/28/18, 2 Reviews
Category: DJ

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Sound/PA System
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Blendmasters DJ Service LLC FAQ

Hip Hop
Top 40
South Asian
Do-Not-Play List
Liability Insurance
Bilingual MC
One Event Per Day
Video Projection
Sound/PA System
Disco Ball
Flat Screen

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220x220 sq 1476494885451 tiffany wedding setup
220x220 sq 1476494892780 setup at shilpas wedding
220x220 sq 1476494901183 shilpa shoe game
220x220 sq 1476494909323 shilpa and derek dance
220x220 sq 1476494916458 shilpa and derek first dance
220x220 sq 1476494931639 derek garter toss
220x220 sq 1476494939345 shilpa line dance
220x220 sq 1476494947336 shilpa boquet toss
220x220 sq 1476494959499 dj hyoctane and wizzie
220x220 sq 1476494967757 shilpa wedding game pic
220x220 sq 1520942090 f3b0fb015afe250e 1476494845482 debbie and joe wine bottle
220x220 sq 1476495005259 debbie and joe emcee wizzie
220x220 sq 1476495030892 debbie and joe shout 2
220x220 sq 1476495060183 debbie and joe shout
220x220 sq 1476495088479 joe getting low
220x220 sq 1476495259460 debbie and joe friends
220x220 sq 1476494978780 emcee wizzie working the crowd
220x220 sq 1476495116336 debbie and joe swing
220x220 sq 1520942131 2a83a9cdddfd4a82 1476495144310 debbie and joe
220x220 sq 1476494924349 shilpa first dance
220x220 sq 1476495175011 debbie getting down
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220x220 sq 1494439510716 20170506064930
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220x220 sq 1494439900033 sherry houston daughter wedding


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Richmond, VA 23227   See On Map
804-677-7648 (phone)
Blendmasters DJ Service LLC is a wedding DJ from Richmond, VA servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Virginia, D.C., and Maryland. Blendmasters DJ Service LLC is a professional DJ that has been part of the Virginia wedding industry since 2002 specializing in Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, School Proms and more.