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Modern Romance offers couples around-the-clock assistance, planning fabulous, stress-free events!

A Modern Romance is your Wedding & Event Specialist! With our expertise in listening to the needs of the client, we have the gift of turning our client’s dreams into events that they and their guests remember for the rest of their lives. We will take your vision – your dream – and your budget, and create a stellar event for your special moment!

This company was founded on a love for providing clients with the best possible service available. We are very selective in our hiring process, focusing on candidates that posses the passion, drive and overall ability to go above and beyond. We become your friend and confidant – a new favorite member of your family – never loosing site of the fact that A Modern Romance is your personal representative, looking out for your best interests.

You need a connection to South Florida and the Caribbean, like A Modern Romance for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, our team has lived in this area for over a decade. We know the area, and can offer you the best available vendors – the tried and true. Also, with our knowledge, we can ensure that you are offered the best pricing available from any given source. Let our team of experts show you how well hiring a destination wedding specialist can provide you with a world-class experience for you and your guests!


Warmest Wishes!


Eric Baker


A Modern Romance



Categories: Wedding Planner

Regions serviced: Florida Keys, Miami, Naples, Tampa + 2 Additional Regions

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Amazing, amazing, amazing! I cannot thank Eric, Brittany, and Brooke enough for all they did for my husband and I on our wedding day. FL weather is tricky, and luck would have it that our wedding day was rainy and incredibly windy. Brittany and Brooke went ABOVE AND BEYOND to ensure that our day went off as well as it possibly could despite the weather conditions. They truly kept me calm and no request was too much to accommodate. They are the epitome of professionals and I could not have imagined our day going as smoothly and as a beautifully as it did without them. I HIGHLY recommend A Modern Romance. I cannot rave enough about them.

Profile Picture Monica, 12/9/17, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Eric is the absolute best!!!!! He is awesome, professional, fun, and a true joy to work with!!!!! It truly felt like we were a team in creating the wedding of our dreams. The weekend of, he and Brittany literally took care of EVERYTHING, so we were free to enjoy all of our family/friends. I cannot say enough about this group--hire them ASAP to make your life (and wedding planning process) the best it can be!

Profile Picture Angela, 12/1/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Day-Of Coord., Event Design, Full Planning, Timelines, To-Do Lists, Referrals, Destination

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Professional Network & Endorsements

A Modern Romance.. The name says it all.. Eric and his team are the best of the best!! Eric is a super sweet and caring guy who goes above and beyond for all of his couples.. I have seen him sewing his Bride's dress just a few moments before her First Look to make sure her dress fit her perfectly! I mean who does that in the middle of setting up a Wedding in Key West ??? I cant say enough great things about A Modern Romance. If you are looking for a Wedding Planning team who will care about every detail of your day with enthusiasm and professionalism- Look no further! Book A Modern Romance! You will be SO happy you did!

WoW!! you have a great work!! i hope to work together someday!! xoxoxo

A Modern Romance is an amazing team that make client's dream day flawless. I get excited every time I see that a client has hired the team because their work is amazing. I HIGHLY recommend contacting Eric and his dream team!

One of our favorite full services planners in town. Impeccable service and events

Eric and his team at A Modern Romance are second to none! I've worked with them several times over the past few years, with over 30 weddings together I definitely welcome him and his team in any way. Punctual, well-dressed, organize, and on top of things, just what you want your wedding coordinator. You definitely made a great choice you choose A Modern Romance for your coordination services! A++++++++++



Miami, FL 33139   See On Map
1901 S. Roosevelt Blvd., 402N, Key West, FL 33040   See On Map
305-432-1655 (phone) 305-432-1655 (fax)
All Day, All Night. We are here for you when you need us!
A Modern Romance is a wedding coordinator from South Florida. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Miami, The Florida Keys, and Key West. A Modern Romance is a professional wedding coordinator that has been part of the South Florida wedding industry for 10 years. We specialize in Event Design, Vendor Selection, Travel Assistance, Timing and Execution of Every Detail of Your Event.