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Thank you so much for your support!

Thank you so much for visiting our wedding website! We are so excited to celebrate our special day with our family and friends. This website contains information about our upcoming wedding.

We will be constantly updating the website as we continue to on towards the wedding date!

In America, weddings are big business. We are sure that you could think of weddings of varying budgets, but in the end one thing is sure: they center on the people getting marriage. This is very good because weddings are a celebration of something very sweet and good found in today's world. Even though we will be the center of attention on June 7th, we are firmly convinced that this wedding is not primarily about us.

Lost in the celebration and pageantry, is the realization that this occasion is not just a celebration of the love between a Russian girl and Miami boy, but a celebration of what God has done for us.

In Ephesians 5:22-33, Paul speaks to the issue of marriage. He instructs husbands to sacrificially love their wives and for wives to respect and submit to their husbands. However, in the midst of this passage, we read in verse 32,

"This mystery is great; but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the church"

This verse tells us that marriage is ultimately a symbol of the relationship between Christ and His church. In the Bible, Jesus is called the groom and the church is called the bride. Marriage is an earthly reflection of this spiritual truth.

What is the church? In the Bible, the church is not a building, but is comprised of a group of forgiven people. Ultimately, Jesus forgives sinners who savingly believe on Him and repent from their sins. 

With all the laughs and smiles and picture, we are aware that this does not just happen by coincidence but because of God's faithfulness to us. We are very grateful for God's goodness to us, in bringing us together and sustaining us throughout our relationship. If the wedding is the first time that we will be pronounced man and wife, we want Christ to be preeminent in this celebration.

Our ultimate purpose for this wedding is to celebrate God's faithfulness to us. Soli Deo Gloria - Glory to God alone.


Engagement hug=)

Our Story:

January 7th 2012: Robert flew from Miami (USA) to Los Angeles to attend "The Master's Seminary" to pursue a Masters of Divinity.

Robert: "I was resolute in my commitment to remain single."

August 22, 2012: Indira flew from Saint Petersburg (RUS) to Los Angeles to attend "The Master's College" to pursue a Masters of Biblical Counseling.

Indira: "Russian girls have a bad reputation of coming to America to find a husband, so I am going to make sure that nobody gets that impression of me."

October 6, 2012: Robert and Indira meet and Robert falls deeply in love with Indira.

Robert: I saw her for the first time and thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. I was at a complete loss for words so I ask about her ponytail.

Indira: Ponytail? Really? I was trying to be nice.

December 16, 2012: Before Robert and Indira left for Miami and Georgia respectively, they headed to the Getty Museum with a group of friends to celebrate the end of the semester. After the Getty, they went to evening church where John MacArthur preached on the priestly ministry of Jesus. 

Robert: After the service I asked to talk to her for 5 minutes.

Indira: I was confused.

Robert: I told her that I really liked her and wanted to get to know her more. The look on her face was priceless; the expression was a mixture of shock and innocence. However, the longer I spoke, the longer I resigned to the fact that she would probably say no. I told her that we could still be friends even if she said no. I told her to ask for counsel and to pray about it.

Indira: I was shocked.

Robert: I gave her my business card and told her to email me.

Indira: What do I do now?

January 16, 2013: Robert and Indira agree to meet in the Lower Cafeteria of The Master's College at 7:45 am in order to talk about Indira's decision.

Indira: I told him that I did want to get to know him.

Robert: I thought she would say no, she gave me a long explanation of her decision before she gave me her answer so I thought she was letting me down easy.

1, 2013: Robert and Indira go to the Master's Seminary banquet. First car ride together.


Going to the TMS Banquet