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To Boracay

The quickest way to get to Boracay from Manila is to fly to Caticlan then take a boat to the island. 

You may purchase your tickets to Caticlan online from the following carriers:

1) Philippine Airlines
2) Cebu Pacific Air
3) Zest Airways
4)PAL Express 

Another route to Boracay from Manila is via Kalibo, the province's capital. Unlike Caticlan, which is only a 15-minute boat ride away from Boracay, Kalibo requires another hour's travel via land to the port where you take the boat to Boracay. It is, however, a cheaper alternative and offers a nice glimpse of the countryside.

But If you wish to go to Boracay via Kalibo, here's how:



It is approximately a 45-minute flight from Manila to Kalibo. You can book online through any of these three airlines:

1) Philippine Airlineshttp://www.philippineairlines.com/home/home.jsp
2) Cebu Pacific Air 
3) Zest Airways 

Airfares range from P2,600-P5,000++. We suggest you book early to get the best deals (or take a chance and wait for promos since our wedding is on a peak season). We inquired about the block booking rates of Cebu Pacific and Zest Air but the web fares turned out to be lower than the group rates they were giving us. Plus, it was difficult to get the required number of people on one flight because the suppliers, families and guests all had different schedules.

NOTE: We already booked the 19th of April morning flight for our and suppliers because of the lower fares. For all those who need alterations, if you had just arrived in the Philippines and needs to meet with the designer. Please ensure this is the first thing you do upon arrival in Boracay. 

**FEE: P200/person airport fee in Manila


From Kalibo Airport, take a shuttle or van (P1000/person) to Caticlan. The trip will take about an hour. Ask to be dropped off at the Caticlan jetty, where you will hop on a boat (P250/person) to Boracay Island. The boat ride takes about 15 minutes.

FEES: P250/person terminal fee and P100/person environmental fee to be paid at the Caticlan jetty

Cagban Port-Resort  

When you disembark from the boat at the Cagban Port in Boracay, you will find tricycles (motorcycles with 3 wheels) P150 for 3 person or P50/person. They should be parked right at the exit. Hail one to take you to your resort; make sure to tell the driver which station your resort is located.


Manila-KaliboKalibo-CaticlanCagban Port-Resort



And you just go the other way around. Hopefully a happier an fulfilled individual. FEES: P350/person Boracay terminal fee, P100/person Caticlan airport fee