Jennifer and Jay's Wedding
Lee's Summit, Missouri
May 22, 2010(Married)

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Zack "Cali" Palmquist says:
Congrats to you both!
Patti Stoudt says:
The countdown continues. Only 1 week. So excited for the two of you. We'll leave early Wed. morning to begin the drive. Can't wait to see you all! Aunt Patti and Uncle Paul, & Heidi
George?Peggy-Grandpa/Grandma K. says:
We are so happy that we met Jay's family at Graduation in December. Looking forward to meeting more extended family. You are so blessed to have all the love and support of many folks.
Greg & Janne Rowe says:
Jay we have known you since Kindergarten and I cannot believe you have grown up so fast. We wish you all the best.
Jane Nelson & John Paladino says:
Hi Jen and Jay. We are friends of Jay's parents in Wichita. We have enjoyed many great dinners, wine and lots of laughs over the last 2 years. We look forward to getting to know you and enjoying fun times with you. Congratulations on your wedding and best wished for the future.
Ashley Boyle says:
Im so happy for you guys!! Cant wait to celebrate your big day with you! My little Jaybird is all grown up! LOL
Aunt Patti and Uncle Paul says:
48 Days to Go and we're so excited for you!
Annie Walker says:
Jenn and Jay I'm so happy for you guys!!!
Mama & Daddy says:
Only 100 Days to go!!
Jennie says:
Jenn and Jay, I am so honored to be a part of your big day! I love you both and wish you all the best!!! :)
Alecia says:
I am so excited to be apart of your wedding.I have watched you two build a wonderful relationship since freshmen year! Love you both!!!
Josh Albin says:
Congrats, you two...mazel
Rick & Deb Koelsch says:
Do you know that your wedding day is our 28th anniversary?
Aunt Connie and Uncle Kurt says:
We are so happy for both of you. Can't wait for the big day. We're anxious to see Carson in a tux!! Love you both.
Grandma Jean says:
Jenn and Jay, this is an exciting time for both of you. So glad to have Jenn as part of our family. Jay, you are so lucky. Blessings to you as you start your life together.
Jessica B. says:
I absolutely adore the site, and am sooo excited for the wedding! Love you both!!
"Uncle" Rick Koelsch says:
Looking forward to your BIG event. Always remember, in any disagreement or debate, if the result won't matter after 5 years, then it doesn't matter who wins.
Linda Fetty says:
Jennifer and Jay, what a beautiful and fun site, I have enjoyed it so much. Your Grandfather and I can't wait until your wedding, which I know will be beautiful. All our blessings,Love Grandma
Kathy Stevens says:
Jenn and Jay, What a lovely site.....I look forward to meeting you Jay and I am excited to travel to Lee's Summit for your very special day. See you then. Love Aunt Kathy
Jenn Long says:
Jenn and Jay I'm so happy for you guys!!! Cant wait to see the beautiful wedding
Mom and Dad Hackett says:
As parents of the groom we are so very happy for Jay and Jenn. We love Jenn and she has really "cleaned up" Jay. Thanks Jenn! Her great smile just lights us up each time we are with her. We love you both and wish all things wonderful.