April 23, 2011(Married)
Krystal & Gary
A Celebration Of Love

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Shawna Grant says:
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gary James, II!!!!
Mrs. Rachel B. & Dr. Cassandra A. jenkins says:
Congratulations and best wishes.
Tyrone & Pamela Bray says:
Congratulations!!!!!!Tyrone and I send you both the very best wishes from San Antonio, TX and we look forward to sharing your very special day with family and friends. Continue to keep God first and you will have a very SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY marriage. Love you!
Your LS, Kristen Dawson says:
Congratulations! I am happy for you and I wish you many more blessings!
Your LS, Tara says:
Congratulations!!! You guys make a beautiful couple. May God bless you and your marriage.I am happy for you both. Enjoy you lives together!!!
Your LS, Yvette says:
I am so happy for you! I loved reading your stories. I pray that God blesses your union. Congratulations!
Genitia Johnson says:
Congratulations Gray and Krystal! I am so happy for both you. May God continue to bless both of you as you enter a new chapter in your life.
Anesfia and Caleb says:
CONGRATULATIONS!!! The two of you are very beautiful together. I am happy for you both and glad to see young black love.
Derrick James says:
Dominique and I believe in you both that you will always keep each other first in everything. You seem to do that now lol. Gary you have consistently made good decisions over a period of time. This by far is the greatest and most meaningful. KB from what I see and feel your gift came in the form of a linky peanut headed fella who loves his famiy and Jesus, now YOU sis. He knows the right way lol, Marriage requires such a man as this. My mom has done a superb job teaching us both how to love. I don't quite understand yet what went wrong with Tia and Danese lol, just joking... with all sincerity welcome to new life on that day to come and congrats on a rightful and honorable decision to marry one another. Love conquers all. Derrick and Dominique Time to party!!! Blessings,
Rosalind Pinkney says:
So happy for you both. You truly are a beautiful couple. I wish you guys nothing but the best!
Jessica & Ellis says:
It's getting closer... CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you!
Brenda, Jackie, A'ndrea and Bear says:
Congratulations to the both of you. I'm so excited to witness my cousin being as happy as he is. Remember to (1)Always place God first and (2) Communication is the main ingredient to a stress free relationship. Jackie and I send you mucho love from Atlanta, GA
Jerod and Christy Simmons says:
Congratulations Gary and Krystal. Lil bro I never thought I would see the day, but God has blessed you with a beautiful lady. I wish the best for both of you and remember as long as you keep God first in both of your lives, your marriage will be blessed. Wow, PUNKIN! So happy for the both of you.
Kaleena and OJ Gibson says:
I am so happy for both you and Gary! You are truly a sweet and kind person and is so deserving of this journey you and Gary are about to embark on together. We wish you nothing but love, love, love, and more love in your marriage! May God continue to bless you! Congrats, once again! We can't wait until that day!!!!
Russel and Geraldine Lary says:
"He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD." May your lives together be filled with much joy, peace, happiness, and love. CONGRATULATIONS!
Mick and Tiffany Lowry says:
WOW!!! This is amazing...Bonz and KB tying the knot. Aye, bruh--marriage is all that and a bag of Lay's man...trust me--I KNOW...you get all the perks man. We think that Krystal is perfect for you and you couldn't have found anymore better man. Aye--Krystal...if he acts up...send him over here real quick--I'll dunk on him or something and on the basketball goal...lol...but we wish you guys the best and all the happiness in the world. We can't wait for the BIG day.
Wellington and Danese Bookert says:
Owwwww! lol..I'm so glad my brother a.k.a Punkin Pie..lol has found someone like you Krystal. He has definetly made the right choice and I'm too excited for you both. Marriage is a beautiful thing although that sounds so cliche..lol it really is as long as you both keep God first in your relationship. Muah!
Sorors Glenda and Chelsi Howard says:
Congratulations to both of you! Your engagement is a testament to the adage that good things come to those who wait. May God continue to shine upon you as you ready yourselves for the greatest covenant a man and a woman can make. Be Blessed!
Joe and Barbara says:
Congratulations to the two of you!!! We are looking forward to you and Gary's special day. The two of you deserve what God has for you. Stay true to each other and keep God 1st and everything will work out just fine.
Maria and Torion says:
May God Bless you both as you begin this great journey together. Torion and I are very excited. We look forward to the summer visits for him. :)
Rosetta Maryland says:
Best Wishes to Krystal and Gary..I am very happy to the both of you..
Tonya Stokes says:
Congrats Krystal and Gary.
Shirley, Charles, Karenski, Ryan, Raesaun' and Ayanna Brown says:
Congratulations as you make a new move in your lives. Just know to keep God first in everything you do and you will surely be blessed. You make a beautiful couple and may God continue to bless you richly. Love ya,
Charity Summers says:
Congratulations to you. I am so excited for you! You are such a beautiful person. And you are so deserving of happiness. My God continue to bless you as you move forward with your wedding plans. I will definitely save the date.