August 25, 2012
Nitasha & Joses

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Saema Tahir says:
So excited for you both! I cannot wait to celebrate!
Sam & Ranjini Alangaramoney & Family says:
Great looking couple! Congratulations! God Bless.
Paul Biedermann says:
That's quite a cute idea to create a web site dedicated to your wedding. If you take that further to include all the pertinent events of your future, it would in effect create an auto-biographical record of your lives! You could then leave a record for future generations without having to write a book! I wish my parents had a written record of their lives. I've heard many bits and pieces of their lives, but, unfortunately, I don't have a chronological account of their very interesting lives. This could be the beginning of something BIG.
Shelly & Kumar says:
We can't wait to celebrate!! Love you! Shelly & Kumar
Bhupen & Alka Shah says:
Beautiful website and lovely pictures! The Stanley Park pictures are awesome. The date has been saved, can't wait to meet you in person!
Anubha says:
Hi guys beautiful site.... Really pretty congrats ! Got your awesome card.... Heartiest best wishes
Prachi & Ajit Gokhale says:
Congrats Joses and Nitasha! We love you guys and can't wait to celebrate your wedding day!
Andrea Wong says:
Yay! Congrats Joses and Nitasha! so happy for ya'll. p.s. here's to no more pity parties :)