August 12, 2011 (Married)
Jonathan & Suzanna

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Kalkidan says:
May God the father of peace,love & wisdom bless your marriage with all his grace and may he keep you together no matter what and give you the wisdom to see that you are made for each other as Adam was for Eve and so is she for him. Dear Jhonatan I will advice you to always remember this love your wife and never seek another girl as no other girl will give you happiness think of it as such when God created all of us he has given as a particular hand prints and so if you lock something with a password using your hand prints will any other man open it?no, this is the same God has only created one man for a woman so without you no one gives her happiness and the opposite is true as well her happiness can only be unlocked by you and yours as well so always beware that God almighty comes first than your fake appeals please right his words in your heart as it is the light for your road
christy says:
have a blessed married life........
Robert Webster Henderson says:
I hope you have chearch life together with love May bring and May God bless y'all everyday and day's to com
Robert Webster Henderson says:
I hope you have chearch life together with love May bring and May God bless y'all everyday and day's to com
Robert Webster Henderson says:
I hope you have chearch life together with love May bring and May God bless y'all everyday and day's to com
kredythipoteczny says:
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Darlene says:
Congratulations with your baby Israel Elisah Lamb.
Darlene says:
Been watching Daystar for a few years now, since Jonathan was in middle school. Great to see your growth, maturity and blessings in Christ. Enjoy your marriage and continue to be an example of what true Christian men are like. Best wishes to both of you
Celina says:
I just saw them on tv the green room, interviewing pastor Martin Winans... and was like who is that girl with Jonathan. Google them, and found out they were married. Soooooo happy for you two. Congratulations, and I wish you all the best...! May JESUS who put you two together, alwys be the center of your marriage. GOD bless u ;)
You two look pretty good together i THE pray you will never depart away from the shield or under the umbrella of the ALMIGHTY GOD STAY BLESSED FOREVER AND EVER. I WISH THE FAVOR AND GRACE THAT PUT YOU GUYS TOGETHER WILL DO THE SAME FOR ME AND MY SISTERS
Richmond and Anna McCoy says:
I am so happy for the two of you! My prayer for you is that you will grow in confidence and assurance that you walk with God. As you journey together may you keep your eyes focused on the commanded destiny God has for you individually and collectively. You both are incredibly gifted and favored individuals and may your character, integrity and leadership never be compromised as you achieve a life together everlasting. You are loved!
Minister Lewis & Lisa Anderson says:
In the presence of God, your family and friends, you both will give your solemn vow to be faithful partners in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad,in joy as well as in sorrow. You will promise to love unconditionally, to support each others goals, to honor and respect each other, to definitely laugh and cry with each other and to cherish each other as long as you both shall live. We know this is God’s plan for both of you and we are in agreement. The BEST is yet to come. Congratulations! Lewis & Lisa
Renae Christoffersen says:
Jonathan, I just told you a few minutes ago how cool this website is. It's great to see your story and see the gorgeous pictures. Suzanna is a beautiful girl, and I'm excited for your future together. Congratulations to you both!
Jim and Bonnie Long says:
You know we especially love the roots of Suzanna. Look forward to the time we can all meet and maybe that can be in Calcutta:). God bless you both, great times ahead!
Lynn Blair (Lynsie) says:
So happy for you Jonathan. Your Mom shared the engagement with me when she was in Greenville and I saw then what a beautiful couple you are. It's great to see this sweet romance blossom. Congratulations and many blessings!
Lonnie Fountain says:
We are so honored to be invited to your wedding. Know that we love you both! May God protect and smile down upon this great event and your entire lifetimes together. God bless you. Lonnie & Nanette
Aaron & Ruthanne says:
God bless you both!! Suzy I hope you've told Jonathan about all the guys I've pounded to keep you safe! haha We love you loads and loads!! All the best!
Lydia says:
I am soooo excited for your big day my sweet sister--- I love you so much!!! <3
Scot and Leigh Jones says:
We are so happy for you both! God is so good; finding a life-mate is one of His blessings. You both are just precious individuals. Imagine what you can accomplish together!
James Barnes says:
J-man I am thrilled or you brother! praying for you both, dreams realized, goals reached and the Lord leading the way. Love to see you anytime.... and of course meet the lovely bride! Blessings pal... james
Holly Smith says:
Congrats Suzanna and Jonathan, I love your website and pictures. Beautiful!! You are both so lucky. I am so disappointed that the one time I need to see my aging mom, stepdad, and sister in her new place in Napa Valley this summer is when your wedding is scheduled.I don't want to talk about it I so hate to miss. Promise me we'll have another time to have dinner or get acquainted at least with Suzanna's parents. God bless and keep you. XX
Kristie Lamb says:
Hey Jonathan and's Aunt Kristie in Georgia...Suzanna, I can't wait to meet you...I can see how much my sweet nephew loves you and my family feels the same way...Can't wait for the wedding...August is a great month for weddings...mine and Gary's and Marcus and Joni's are also in that month! Oh yeah, Lane and Tricia too. Take care, love yall <3