May 19, 2012
Brent & Eva
Tucker's Point, Bermuda

Eva and Brent first met at Bank of America for their investment banking internship during the summer of 2005 in between their junior and senior years in college. Eva knew every Harvard student in the program except for Brent. Eva was surprised that she had never seen or met Brent before because she had found out that they had already taken several classes together in college. When Brent and Eva returned to school for their senior year, Brent wrote Eva an email asking her for a tennis lesson and offered dinner for repayment. She quickly replied no, and that she was too busy!

Brent and Eva reunited after graduation when they returned to Bank of America for their full time job. They sat together in training and spent hours working together on homework. Eva soon found out that Brent was a runner, and they started running together in the mornings before work in Central Park. Brent was so kind, and patiently accompanied Eva on her long and slow jogs. Brent decided to take their friendship to the next step. Brent asked Eva to go to dinner, and they went on their first date in July 2006. To impress Eva right off the bat, Brent took her to dinner at Masa, one of New York’s finest Japanese restaurants!

Brent and Eva hit it off immediately and the next few years flew by. Brent went into consulting and Eva joined another investment bank. While the two managed their careers (Brent with his extensive travel schedule and Eva with her long work hours), they maximized every minute with each other. They picked up new hobbies – bowling (Brent’s highest score is 225, Eva’s highest is 196), playing games and collecting tickets at Dave & Buster’s (their goal is to collect enough tickets to win the grand prize), and of course running!

In December 2010, Brent was lucky and did not have to travel for work. Eva, ironically, had to go on a long work trip. As Eva was returning from the airport, Brent told Eva he had cooked her a wonderful dinner and to hurry home. Eva instead wanted to go directly to the gym from the airport, and Brent agreed to meet her there. After a long tough workout, Brent and Eva returned home where Brent started to prepare dinner as Eva was working. Brent asked Eva to come into the living room, and she said No! She was busy working. It took a lot of persuasion, and Eva finally came out to eat dinner. She was greeted with a huge bouquet of roses and flowers, and a variety of all her favorite foods – southwest cornbread from Au Bon Pain, caviar from Petrossian, Haagen Daz Pralines and Cream ice cream and more. Brent reminisced how much Eva meant to him and got down on one knee…

Now, Brent and Eva are enjoying their engagement and attending Wharton as business school students. Their engagement photo is posted on the main Wharton login page—every Wharton member who logs in the school website now sees Brent and Eva’s photo!