Maria & Ryan
OCTOBER 7, 2011

The Little Ones!

Flowergirl: Audrey Bevers-Rios, Ryan's Goddaughter
Flowergirl: Kayleigh Schneider (or Angelina..depending on the day) ;-) Maria's niece.
Ring-bearer: Liam Orlandi, Maria's Godson.

The Boys!

Best Man: Don Chia (AKA Chia), Ryan's friend since childhood
Groomsman: James Vonberg, Ryan's long time friend
Groomsman: Ty Sutfin (AKA Tyrone), Long time friend and ex-roommate of Ryan and Maria.
Groomsman: Jose Orlandi (AKA Josie), Maria's brother
Groomsman: Todd Patrzick, Ryan's long time friend.
Groomsman: Brett Brownlee, Ryan's long time friend
Usher: Kenny Speace, Ryan's cousin

Usher: Phillip York, Ryan's cousin

The Girls!

Maid of honor: Paula Orlandi, the best little sister a girl could have!
Bridesmaid: Jenny Wideman, Maria and Ryan's friend since high school.
Bridesmaid: Melissa Rettmann, friends with Maria since undergrad at Western MIchigan!
Bridesmaid: Jodi Alcanter, friends with Maria and Ryan since high school!
Bridesmaid: Mari Hernandez, Maria's cousin, but pretty much her other little sister!  
Bridesmaid: Erin Graham, friends with Maria since high school!
Hostess: Gabriela (right) Maria's 1st cousin