Anne & Andrew
August 6, 2010 Married
the path that leads to happiness is so narrow that two cannot walk on it unless they become one
Andrew and Anne met at General Dynamics in the fall of 2008. Andrew was a worker who'd experienced the desk-man 15 from cubicle life, and Anne was working in the fitness center in the building.

Andrew came down one day, having heard about the new cute gym girl, and signed up. He soon was in there working out every day and they began building a friendship over 10-minute abs class.

Anne loved Andrew's sense of adventure and the two, along with Anne's sister Elizabeth, planned a trip to Costa Rica filled with ziplining, hiking, surfing and fun.

During the extended after-trip-goodbye-hug, complete with swaying backpacks, the two knew that something more than friendship was growing. They began dating a few weeks later. They survived Andrew's 6 weeks of backpacking in China with daily long emails, and expensive phone calls, and have been going strong ever since.

On a road trip out to Colorado to visit Anne's family and to snowboard, Andrew asked Anne to marry him and the rest is history!