March 2, 2014 Married
Justin Frost & Kate Bailey

According To Kate

Our story began at Austin College in Sherman Texas. While we were at school there we knew each other through mutual friends. I never had enough nerve to see him outside of parties and Justin did not have enough insight to see I wanted to! Once back in East Texas, we saw each other on and off for three years before we truly fell for each other and made it official. His musical talents, charismatic personality, humor, and intellect reeled me in!

In our relationship (over two years now!) I am happier and luckier than I have ever been. It is a true blessing! We travel a lot, have many mutual friends, love the same things, and I even learned how to obsess over baseball almost as much as him! The only everlasting issue we have is that my niece says he is her Justin and pushes me away at most family affairs ;) I love him more than I ever thought I could love another person & I'm so blessed that I get to steal his last name!

I am having the most fun planning our wedding to start the rest of our lives together:) 


According To Justin

Well something like this is truly hard to define or put some sort of beginning date on. We knew each other in college but it wasn't until we both had moved back to east Texas that I truly got to see just how amazing Kate was. After several dates I had no doubt in my mind that this was exactly the kind of girl I wanted to pursue and the more time we spent together the stronger that feeling became. You hear all sorts of cliches about marrying your best friend and being the luckiest guy in the world, but I truly understand why they say that and I guess i'm a living cliche. Kate has grown to be my best friend and my entire world. I'd truly be lost with out her. I could go on for days about how her giving heart, her sense of humor, her passion for family, and just her drive for life made me fall for her and makes me do so more every day still. I truly couldn't imagine loving anyone like I do Kate, or marrying into a more amazing family. Being a walking cliche and marrying my best friend is truly the best thing I could have ever dreamed up for myself.

 ( ps she's a wicked awesome cook and pretty beautiful too.... jackpot! )