March 2, 2014 Married
Justin Frost & Kate Bailey


Matron Of Honor Laura Bailey Shulenberger is Kate's older sister and best friend in the entire world. We couldn't imagine her not being by our side at the wedding. After all, she is the only person more excited than we are!
Bridesmaid Nichole Hawes is Kate's cousin from Las Vegas! She is such a huge part of our lives that we plan our vacations around her. We know everything will be planned before we even start, with her in the mix. 
Bridesmaid Lakyn Frost is Justin's little sister and best friend! She is in the Navy at the moment but will be back just in time for the big day! We are so proud of her and so excited to celebrate with her.
Bridesmaid Lainey Yost Yancy has been Kate's best friend since elementary school! She is the life of the party, an amazing mother and wife, and has the most fun personality we have ever encountered! We are blessed to have her in our lives.
Bridesmaid Loren Roeder is Kate's best friend from college! With her fun personality, amazing spirit, and close relationship with us as a couple we are excited to have her a part of our big day! It would not be the same without her!
Bridesmaid Stacey Woodard was there from the beginning of Justin & Kate's long courtship. She always loved us both and never said no to a long drive or late night concert. She is a true blessing to have in our lives, we love her so much!
Bridesmaid Andee Johnson (soon to be Moorman!) is one of the greatest women and mothers that we know. We cannot wait to celebrate her wedding and ours in the same year! Especially because she brings good times anywhere she goes.
Bridesmaid Sydney Welsh works with Kate at Susan Robinson Jewelry and they quickly became extremely close! From river trips to good ol' nights on a back porch, her and her husband definately bring a good time and mean the world to us. We are excited to have her be a part of our day! 

Flower Girl Bailey Jordan Shulenberger is my beautiful niece! She is our entire world and we both are just wrapped around her little finger. Our princess is going to steal the show as our flower girl :)
Flower Girl Lena Johnson is the beautiful daughter of our Bridesmaid Andee AND Bailey's very best friend. We are so excited to have her our wedding :)




Best Man Wade Frost is Justin's little brother. He is a huge part of our lives and we love him more than he knows! 
Groomsman Colton Larue is Justin's best friend in the world. Without him, Justin would not be who he is today and we both are so excited to have him in our wedding! 
Groomsman Jake Pritchard has been a part of Justin's life though college and even now while he is in Nicaragua with the Peace Corps. He is an inspiration to many and we are so grateful he is in our lives.
Groomsman Clayton Tefteller has been basically a brother to Justin since they were young. Through football, all levels of school, and even times of distance, they are still the best of friends. They even act the same! We would not be able to celebrate correctly without him! 
Groomsman Grant Parker is one of Justin's friends who now lives in California. He is the life of the party and one of the most genuine people we know! We cannot wait for the festivities to begin with him in town!
Groomsman Kevin Cly is one of Justin's longest standing friends who always has been there for us in our relationship. We are so appreciative of what he does for us and are thankful to have him in our wedding. 
Groomsman Justin Ashley is a great friend of Justin's that played baseball with him growing up. They now work together and spend their fair share of time acting as GM of the Rangers (at a distance of course).
Groomsman A.J. Graham is one of Justin's fraternity brothers and best friends. From traveling Europe to watching seasons of Scrubs together, they can do anything.