Brittany & Ricky
JUNE 22, 2013

A Blind Date Ending in True Love

People always say you finally find what you are looking for when you stop looking...

That is exactly what happened with us.

We were set up by one of Brittany's co-worker's physical therapy patients, who knew Rick. Brittany had only briefly met this patient once, but the patient was convinced that she knew the perfect match for her. Being very skeptical, Brittany gave the patient her phone number to pass along (Mind you, Brittany handed out her phone number over the phone to this woman ... slightly creepy? Possibly, but a risk well worth the reward). She never even expected it to make it to Rick. However, Rick got a text message with the information while he was in Kona, Hawaii for his first Ironman World Championship (He was expecting a sun tan, sore legs and some sweet swag ... but came away with a phone number from a girl thousands of miles away). Rick says today that he was at the same point as Brittany and was not looking to meet anyone, however, Rick did call Brittany when he returned from Kona (after waiting 2 days of course). If you know Brittany at all, you know that she doesn't like talking on the phone (a little warning for Rick would have been appreciated). She didn't call Rick back for 2 days (He's still waiting for that call), though she intended to on the 2nd or maybe it was the 3rd day (yep...we believe that one) ... by that time Rick got impatient (and trust us, it's usually Brit who's the impatient one) and texted Brittany. Within 30 seconds, Brittany opted for texting and texted him back. They set up a blind date to meet at Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner and drinks. Once Brittany took a look at Rick her heart skipped a beat ... How couldn't it??  The next 4 hours flew by and Rick asked Brittany on another date later that evening. They immediately hit it off and went on 5 dates in the next 2 weeks. They included: dinner, drinks, bowling, a Warren Miller Ski Movie, a charity dog walk (it was pouring rain.. this was date number 2), and carving pumpkins. Rick and Brittany love to do fun things together and their love for animals, family, exercise and passion for helping others has helped their relationship blossom into what it is today.

Brittany finally believes what her mom said, "when you stop looking you will find him," and she couldn't be happier. (Rick agrees ;-))

Written by: Brittany

Edited by: Ricky