Wedding Date: May 4, 2009(Married)
Maid of Honor

Brandee Groleau - Brides Best Girlfriend
We’ve been best friends since our 8th grade year! We’ve been through every imaginable high-school drama you can imagine, and more! Last year, I stood up with her in her wedding and now I’m thrilled that she will be here to stand up with me!


Katherine Carscallen, Brides Cousin
My older cousin by 6 months. We have always had fun when we got to spend time together. We’ve been through rediculous sunburns, paintball attacks from our brothers, and many summers out on our boats being two of the few girls on the bay!  She’s never been able to make it out to MI to visit so I’m super excited she’ll be able to make it out to visit this year!

Samantha Parker - Grooms Sister
Sami’s become the sister I never got to have! We’ve already enjoyed a lot of special girl time together. The best is, she has all the stories about Jorden he’d never actually tell me! :)

Monica Hardesty - Brides Friend
We met through basketball and then ended up rooming together for a year. We survived that year with many random trips to Target, hours of watching Friends, avoiding issues with the dorm deans, and countless hours of laughing! She’s one of my closest friends and she’s been there to hear about every little detail in the beginning of our relationship!

Pamela Perenich - Brides Friend
Nursing school just wouldn’t have been the same without Pam! We’ve become close enough that a quick glance in each others direction says enough that we both just burst out laughing! She never ceases to amaze me with her spur of the moment, off the wall stories.

Traci Washington - Brides Friend
Another nursing school buddy who my life would not be the same without! Traci is one big bouncy bubble of happiness! I know that if I need someone to listen, make me laugh and to motivate me I can count on Traci to do that! She’s been a part of our family for years and I am so thankful she can be a part of this special day!

Katherine Dassenko- Brides Cousin
Katie is my little cousin and being the only girls on that side of our family we have a lot of fun together! We’ve been able to enjoy sharing some of the same hobbies and I love that we can talk sports together! She’s the best little cousin I could have ever asked for! The fact that she’s super excited to be a part of our wedding makes me so happy and I’m so happy she’s willing to be here for our special day!

Sigri Gonzalez - Brides Friend
We became friends in Highschool when she moved to Michigan. We played just about every intrumural together and continued to play sports together in College. She’s a great friend who is loyal and a lot of fun!

Brides Boys:

Peter Carscallen - Brides Big Brother
I can’t explain the relationship that Peter and I have. We may not talk every day, but when we’re together, we have a great time! Growing up I admired him and always wanted him to count me as a friend! After spending 6+ summers on a small boat with him I can say that I count him as one of my closest friends and I love that he’s willing to stand up with me on my special day!

Jeremy Carscallen - Brides Biggest Brother
My Big brother. Enough said! I love him and cherish the time we are able to spend together. He’s always been someone I can go to for advice and who I could count on persueding mom that it would be okay to let me go out! He’s always been ready to go after any boy I find repulsive and for that I’m thankful! It means the world to me that he’ll be there with me on one of the biggest and most special days of my life!

Best Man:

Cory Breen - Grooms Best friend
Friends since kindergarten, we have grown up in the same school, church, and group of friends.  Cory’s always blackhawk for a little fun.


Zack Parker - Grooms Brother
My oldest younger brother, and wow, was growing up with him an adventure.  But, in the last few years, and espiecially last months since he has gone off to school, he has grown into a man.  I’m proud to call him my brother.

Sean Breen - Grooms Friend
Yes, that fish is fake, Sean never caught a fish in his life.  Sean is my best mans older brother by a year and I have been friends with him almost as long as Cory.

Kevin Smith- Grooms friend
Once again, I have grown up with this guy over the years through school, church, and our group of friends.  Hopefully he’s fully dressed during the wedding, cause clothes just seem to slip off this kid.

Phillip Fisher - Grooms Friend
In the last few years Phil and I have become much closer friends, even though all the guys in our posse have been drifting apart distance wise.  I'm glad to have him in my wedding party, even though he takes pictures of himself using the rest room.

Kelly Breen - Grooms Friend

Aaron Parker - Grooms Brother

Even though Aaron and I are seperated by 10 years, he and I have become very close friends and brothers.  I love the little guy, although his experiments with animals can sometimes be quite annoying, smell and muck wise.  He also doesn't clean up the room we share, haha.

Cory Magner - Grooms Friend