Kristina and Jonathan
September 6, 2009 Married
Portland, Oregon



  This will not be happening at our wedding - but it’s funny when it happens to someone else... OUR ring bearer is MUCH more dignified :)
  Greyson Garrett Westmore
Groom’s nephew. One of the three loves of our lives (see other two below). Very handsome - a sure hit with the ladies at the wedding! Love you "G".  Famous with Uncle Jonny for responding "Jonny" to "Who’s the best?"
  Anna Beatrice Rucker
Bride’s Niece (daughter of MOH).  Anna will be about 18 months by the time of the wedding so she is practicing her walking skills everyday (and her flower tossing skills).  I lovingly refer to Anna as "totter" short for Tater Tot.  I swear she says "Hi Auntie"!
  Kaiya Amani Hoareau
Grooms Niece (of sister Kristine Cioffi) - this is one amazing little girl! She is fluent in French and English - which makes her about the cutest thing on Earth! She speaks with a little French accent!! She is also the only granddaughter - so this girl is LOVED! She calls Uncle Jonny Uncle Dee Do.