May 20, 2012 Married
Kate + Phillip
are married!

 Wedding Roster

As you can see from the descriptions below, planning this wedding has certainly been a long-distance affair.  We feel truly blessed that all these beautiful people are willing and able to make our special day complete.  Many of them are at least partially responsible for bringing us together. 

Goooooo team!



Jordan Handcox, maid of honor   
Kate has known Jordi since her sophomore year at Stanford.  They first met on the club volleyball team, and soon became practically inseparable.  Jordi is gearing up for medical school and will have completed the MCATs shortly before the May wedding.  As a maid of honor, she is indeed a force to be reckoned with!  She also laughs like a giraffe, and lives and works in sunny Palo Alto, California.


Matthew Mariner, best man
Phillip has known Matt for as long as he can remember and he couldn't have asked for a better brother (except for Brian, of course). The two have been on many adventures growing up. As young boys, wherever Matt was, Phillip was sure to follow. Phillip can attribute all the smooth transitions in his life to the examples Matt showed him not to follow. No need to shed a tear for Matt though. He is currently attending Harvard Business School in Boston, MA.


Brian Mariner, best man
Phillip has also known Brian for as long as he can remember. Brian is most likely responsible for Phillip's technical mindset. At an early age, Brian showed Phillip the joy in playing with Legos and would on occasion make Phillip a Lego airplane upon request! Brian has also provided Phillip with great advice throughout his life, the most important of which was to follow Brian to Stanford (where Phillip eventually met Kate). Brian works and lives in the Bay Area in California.


Leanette Kearns, co-officiant + bridesmaid  
Lea is a problem-solver extraordinaire!  Kate and Lea also met on the Stanford club volleyball team, and were next door neighbors during sophormore year.  A match-maker as well, Lea helped set up Phil and Kate on that fateful night in October.  Kate was a bridesmaid in Lea's beautiful October 2009 wedding to Zak (she walked down the aisle with a super cute groomsman: Phil).  Lea now lives with Harvard-boy Zak in Boston.  The two of them are helping Kate and Phil write the wedding ceremony.


Eric Hord, groomsman
Phillip and Eric have known each other since the 6th grade and were inseparable all the way through high school. Their still great friendship started on the snowy slopes of Breckenridge, CO and grew on the baseball diamond of their middle school, junior varisty, and varisty teams. Eric is famously known for throwing a perfect game his senior year without throwing a pitch above 80 mph. Most of the moves (gentlemenly, of course) Phillip put on Kate can be attributed to Eric. Eric currently works and lives in Washington, DC.


Mackenzie Price, bridesmaid
To this day, Mack is the only roommate Kate ever had that she felt closer to as a result of living together (besides maybe Phil, but he's a different kind of roommate).  An only child, Kate was never very good at sharing her space, but would gladly live with Mack again!  And again!  They first met in Spanish class and through mutual friends freshman year at Stanford, then lived together for a quarter in the infamous 680 Lomita.  Mackenzie is currently working on a PhD in Linguistics at Georgetown in Washington, DC.


Mitch Ozer, groomsman
Phillip and Mitch first met in their freshmen dorm at Stanford and were roommates for every year thereafter. The two became great friends due to their technical minds, quirky humor, love of baseball, and most importantly due to Phillip saving Mitch from his inadvertently intimidating, though small, facade. (Really, Mitch, who wears a black hoodie with the hood up in 80 degree weather!) Though Mitch still loves his hoodies, all his friends know him to be one of the most thoughtful, helpful, funniest people around. Also, Phillip's affinity for electronics and cables can be attributed to Mitch. Mitch currently works and lives in San Francisco, CA.


Bridie Neal, bridesmaid 
Bridie and Kate have known each other since kindergarten, and have played on volleyball, basketball, and track teams together.  Bridie's mom was their kindergarten, first grade, AND second grade teacher, and Kate's mom taught them in seventh grade and for certain subjects in eighth grade and throughout high school.  A newlywed herself, Bridie was recently married in July 2011, and so knows all the tips and tricks of surviving wedding planning.  Bonus: Bridie just got an elementary teaching job in Anchorage, Alaska!  Go Bridie!


Zak Kearns, co-officiant + groomsman
Phillip and Zak also first met in their freshmen dorm at Stanford, and the two returned to live together their senior year as well. Being a fellow lover of baseball, one of the most genuine people around, and just a cool cat, Zak is one of Phillip's closest friends. Phillip can't thank Zak enough for introducing Phillip to his "girlfriend's (Lea) hot friend." Zak is most well-known for adeptly sporting fedoras and flat caps and is the source of Phillip's appeal to such headwear. He is currently living in Boston with his (now) wife Lea and attending Havard Law School.


Leanna Guckert, bridesmaid 
Lele has known Kate for 20 years.  They met on the first day of kindergarten; Leanna sat next to Kate on the bus and the rest is history.  Lele also played volleyball and basketball with Kate in middle and high school.  Completing our virtual trek across the U.S, Leanna hails from Eugene, Oregon.  Fun fact: When Kate and Leanna were little, Kate's mom used to refer to them affectionately as 'Short Stuff' and 'Stretch.'  Guess who was who :)


Branden Roberts, usher  
Phillip met Branden in his junior year (Branden's senior year) at Stanford. From that time, people who knew the two would continually comment that their tastes in practically everything were almost exactly same (except for the fact that Phillip had slightly better style). With their similar personalities, it goes without saying that you'd be lucky to have a friend like Branden in your life. Fun fact: Branden is famous for always being dressed as though he's about to go into a causal business meeting. By the way, he currently works and lives in Los Angeles, CA.


Aaron Engel-Hall, usher  
Phillip also meet Aaron in his junior year (Aaron's sophomore year) and the two lived together (with Mitch and Zak) the following year. Aaron, an immensely benevolent and funny person, has been a great friend to Phillip through their many adventures and dodgeball games. Though Aaron currently works in lives in the Bay Area, he is a proud and true Chicagoan and was the individual that introduced Phillip to the great city of Chicago and all that it has to offer.