June 2, 2012
Molly & Noah
Our Beantown Wedding

We have to credit my mom and sister, and Noah's parents, for matchmaking. And also TKTS on Broadway... Who knew I would meet my future in-laws while waiting in line for discount tickets to a musical?! 

My mom, Becca and I were in NYC in December, 2008 and we planned to see a Broadway show on Saturday so we went to Times Square to get in line for last minute discounted tickets.  There were 2 lines and my mom rejected the first one because it was so long.  She went over to the second one and was hesitating because it was also really long, but the woman at the end of it (my future mother-in-law!) assured her that it would move quickly.  She put herself in line and they chatted away.  Becca and I eventually joined her and got to know Beth and Bill a bit too!  When we got to the front of the line, we bid farewell and went our separate ways to book tickets. 

While I was showering back at the hotel, my mom and sister apparently lamented the missed opportunity since Beth and Bill had mentioned that they had a single son in Boston and we hadn't exchanged contact info.  Coincidentally though, we ended up at the same show that night about 5 rows apart and bumped into each other at intermission!  Becca didn't waste a second and gave Beth my email.  Beth and Bill were pretty efficient too - Noah had it the next day :)

And off we went!  Our coffee date that day in 2008 lasted 4 hours and ended up at the Top of the Hub... where we got engaged last July.