Cait & Phil
July 19, 2014 Married




Matron of Honor

Jen Coddington is Cait's sorority sister, "soulmate," and best friend.  Jen's wedding planning expertise and shared love of football, running, and life's little moments makes her the perfect MoH and Cait is so thankful to have her by her side when she finally marries Phil!

  Erin is Cait's younger sister, partner in crime, clothes-napper and fitness guru.  Even though she is away at college, Cait loves that she can always depend on Erin to give her an honest opinion on wedding business.
  Abby is Cait's baby sister, confidant, and go-to girl!  Without her funny comments, willingness to help craft, and general lightening of the mood when Cait gets anxious about a detail, the bride wouldn't be able to execute this wedding without her!

Jenna is Phil's "favorite" cousin who has been Cait's personal cheerleader and creative consultant during this wedding planning process.  They share a deep love for Pinterest, soccer, and social media. Because the Cedor family is so male-dominated, Cait can't wait to have a side-kick for all things girly and cute, and is even more excited to have a new "sister"!








Best Man

Steve is Phil's older brother and the so called "rebel" of the family. When he's not riding his Harley, you can find him in the pool hall or on the golf course.  Steve always knows how to lighten the mood and is the life of the party at family gatherings so we know he will deliver as the Best Man.

  Nick is the youngest of the Cedor brothers.  A sophomore at CNU, Nick has found his way to the rugby pitch where stories and technique often become the topic of conversation between him and Phil.
  Robert is Cait's yonger brother and as you can see, Robert and Phil have gotten along great from the start.  His large stature will be hard to miss amongst the groomsmen but his lively personality will be a great addition to the wedding party.
  Mike Cedor is Phil's cousin and right hand man.  Growing up the same age, these two became best friends and this relationship continues today. Mike's caring nature will enhance the personality of the groomsmen and he will be a great addition to the wedding.



Ring Bearers


  Matthew & Kevin Harris, Cait's Brothers


Flower Girl


  Georgia Fry, Cait's Goddaughter