Tauren & Lorna
January 21, 2011 Married
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Lorna grew up in Houston, TX with her family, Ron and Jeanna Macey and older brother Brandon, 30. She is 24 and will be 25 by the time the wedding takes place. She has been thinking and dreaming of a beautiful wedding since she was very young, but only recently has she been planning for a spectacular marriage!! Her life revolves around God and ministry. God first, then family, then ministry, then everything else =) She is currently working at her father's church, The Pentecostals at Royalwood, where she works on the youth staff, is the youth music director, and assists with the main music department. The most recent addition to her life is Tauren Gabriel Wells. She can't wait to spend her life with the man that she is head-over-hills in love with!!!
Tauren grew up in Battlecreek, MI where his wonderful parents live. He went to Indiana Bible College where the idea for a band came to him and his close friends. In the meantime, he interned at many different churches where he worked with youth ministries and music programs. He now attends The Pentecostals at Royalwood where he is hired as the creative director and a youth staff member. His dream for a band came to pass and now he is the lead singer/songwriter for Royal Tailor, who was just signed to Provident Records a few months ago. This is only the beginning of what he wants to do with his life and for God!