May 27, 2009(Married)
Jenna and Ron's Wedding
May 27th 2009

Jaci Grusendorf- 
Matron of honor

Brides best friend

Jenna and Jaci met in 2004. Jaci was Jenna’s store manager at
Hollywood video. After Jaci moved to Arizona and Jenna moved to Florida their friend ship became a lot closer! 


Candace Gates- 
Brides maid

Brides Sister!

Obviously Jenna and Candace have known each other since Jenna was born. Although they were not close growing up they are now getting closer.


Amanda Torres-
Brides maid

Brides Friend
Jenna and Amanda met when Jenna moved to
Florida through there mom’s. Alex (Amanda’s brother) and Howie (Jenna’s brother) play Baseball together and their families quickly became good friends!

Amanda Givens-
Grooms Sister

Amanda is Ron’s younger sister. Jenna has known Amanda since May of 2002. Jenna has watched Amanda grow up so fast through the  years! 


 Alexia Kelly-
Flower Girl!

Brides Niece

Alexia is Jenna and Ron’s whole world! They will never forget the day Alexia was born! Both Ron and Jenna were there that day and she has had them both wrapped around her finger ever sience!



Howie Gates-
Best Man
Brides Brother

Ron and Howie met in 2002 went Jenna and Ron started dating and have been good friends ever since!

Ronny Burkhardt-

Grooms Best Friend!

Ron and Ronny have been friends since Ron joined the volunteer Fire Dept (Union Beach Fire Co. NJ)in 2003! Ronny has always been a mentor to Ron from day one! 


 Bobby Woodhead-

Grooms Good Friend!

Ron and Bobby played roller hockey when they were kids and than joined the same volunteer Fire Dept (
Union Beach Fire Company- Union BeachNJ) and be came very good friends!

 Matt Brennan-

Grooms  Friend

Ron and Matt met in EMT school in 2006. they talked on and off untill they met up again at the South Trail Fire Interview and were hired together!