JULY 31, 2011
Daniel and Sarah


Daniel and Sarah knew of each other their freshman year in college through their gigant-o Christian fellowship Grace on Campus, but didn’t officially become friends until sometime during their sophomore year. Sarah remembers noticing Daniel because of his many random skills and quirky understated humor. Daniel remembers noticing Sarah because she was fun and easy for a quiet, quirky guy to talk to. Their relationship started like many college relationships did: as late-night IM chat buddies. Fortunately, it quickly progressed to a normal friendship, and the two of them were often seen studying together even though they didn’t share a single class. Their friendship grew and they even attended their fellowship’s Spring banquet that year together as dates. Although it was pretty clear that they liked each other, they finished the school year as just friends and went their separate ways for the summer.

How It All Started
Returning as juniors to UCLA in the fall, their friendship continued, however this time Daniel made a game plan. He had been thinking a lot about Sarah over the summer, and whether he should take their relationship another step forward. One Thursday night, he decided it was time to make his interests known and started brainstorming how to get Sarah alone to tell her his feelings (what our college fellowship affectionately likes to call “determining the relationship”) Fortunately, Sarah decided it was a good night to ask Daniel to come over to teach her to play violin. Daniel headed over, thinking most of his work was done, but he didn’t anticipate the fact that Sarah’s apartment would be filled with their friends with nothing else to do that night.

It became pretty clear that he wasn’t going to be able to talk to her there in private without raising a lot of suspicion about what was going on. But by the providence of God, a few days earlier Daniel’s roommate and best man Ben had utterly destroyed their bedroom window trying to swing at a fly with his course reader. Sarah, being naturally curious, wanted to see the damage before it was repaired. That gave Dan the opportunity to walk her to his apartment… one whole building next door. Within the fifteen or so steps between their front doors, Dan took the plunge and asked Sarah to consider dating him. Three days later, on November 4th, 2007 they made it official at a Starbucks in Westwood. 

The Next Three Years
The rest of college flew by and was filled with fun adventures, cramming and studying, sweet time with friends, good food, and great fellowship and growth. It flew by all too quickly and soon Daniel and Sarah were faced with the age-old question: what to do after college? They decided to each move home (Sarah to Sacramento and Daniel to Fremont) while they worked and applied to grad schools (Sarah for nursing and Daniel for medical school). The chances that the same school would accept both of them seemed slim and often times it was hard. Daniel would often encourage Sarah with the verse Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” God proved himself faithful in answering Sarah and Daniel’s prayers when they were both accepted into Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia! With the assurance that they would be in the same city for the next four years, Dan put the rest of his plans into action and on December 23rd 2010 Daniel asked Sarah to marry him.

We are so thankful that the Lord has brought us together and has given us such love and affection for one another. We thank all of you who walked with us while we were dating (special thanks to our apartmentmates for bearing with us, giving us accountability, and showing us love and support) and our small group leaders and mentors who guided us throughout college.

Praise God for writing a love story better than we could have ourselves!