Megan & Adam
October 15, 2011 Married
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Image is copyrighted: Photography by KES Weddings.Karen E. Segrave

Megan and Adam met at Acxiom in June of 2006. Megan was a fresh-faced college graduate reporting for her first day of work and Adam was visiting her office for an all day planning meeting. As soon as Megan saw Adam she was smitten, but it would be over a year before sparks began to fly...

December 29, 2007: The day Megan drove one and a half hours, on a whim, just to hang out with a co-worker.

Megan was bored in her rural Arkansas hometown and needed to get away. She and Adam had chatted on and off most of their Christmas vacation. He lived and worked in Little Rock and she lived and worked in Fayetteville. A good 3 hours apart. He had just gotten back to his apartment from spending Christmas with his family and she was still cooped up with hers in Prescott (not that it's a bad thing, but sometimes you just need space after a week at home).

Megan had told her sister, Madeline, the day before that Adam had told her to drive up if she got bored, and Madeline encouraged her to go for it. One Gtalk conversation led to another and Megan finally asked Adam what he was doing for the day. He said, "Nothing" and the next thing she remembers is getting ready to drive to Little Rock to just hang out with a co-worker. She didn't expect anything to come of it.

They had planned to meet at Starbucks, which, coincidentally, still occurs almost everyday they are together, and figure out their day from there. Hesitantly Megan parked her car, not sure what to expect, and walked to where Adam was standing. He was wearing a long sleeve Life is Good t-shirt and jeans and holding his coffee - his typical day to day attire. She suddenly feels overdressed in her new forest green pea coat, turtleneck, dark jeans and ever-present ballet flats. But she walks up to him anyway.

He suggests that they go downtown to look around and off they go in his car. They stroll up and down the Rivermarket in Little Rock, ending at the Clinton Presidential Library. It was Megan's first time to visit the library and she's taking all of it in. They joke and point out things that catch their attention and make small talk about music and movies they like. As they leave he suggests driving to grab dinner.

Off they head to Purple Cow for burgers, continuing to discuss their high school quiz bowl pasts and obsession with Guitar Hero. Then they head to Best Buy, yet another constant when they're together, and look at their box sets. [This would be when Megan begins to gush about her love of The Police and Adam points out a box set of their work] They leave without purchasing anything, another constant to this day, and he challenges her to Guitar Hero at his apartment. She accepts.

Inviting her back to his apartment? She gets nervous. What does he really have in mind? I don't want to leave him yet, but I'm worried about what could happen, she wonders. They get to Adam's apartment and he goes straight to the TV to set up Guitar Hero. So he really did mean let's play Guitar Hero. Phew, she thinks to herself. They don't remember what songs they played or who won, Megan just remembers that she didn't want to leave, she was having a ball. Then she looks at her watch and realizes it's after 8 and she still has to drive an hour and a half back home. She was conflicted. Stay and continue having fun with this co-worker, which would lead to familial questioning upon my late arrival home, or leave and get home at a decent hour, with little questioning. So she left. And the entire drive home she smiled.

This co-worker became her boyfriend of 3 years turned fiancé and they've been the happiest and most unexpected years either of them have ever experienced. There's nothing like knowing there is always someone on your team, no matter what, and they couldn't ask for a better team mate and partner in this game of life than each other.


engagement picture courtesy of KES Weddings