Yolnique and Anthony
OCTOBER 8, 2011

Meet the Groomsmen



Thomas Valentine

Best Man and "brother from another mother" to the Groom.  Growing up we hung together so much that wherever we went people would ask if we were brothers.  We'd laugh, point up to God, and say "yeah, we've got the same daddy".  A great husband and father, he has always been the kind of guy that would help out others, be there, and give his very last for a friend.  He definitely brings energy and laughter wherever he goes and the reception will be no exception.  Since the time we were teenagers we said we would be the Best Man at each other's wedding.  I consider it a blessing that that dream has become a reality.


Marcus Price

One of the realest brothers that I know.  Hard worker, loves God, crazy about his family, unashamed to represent his faith, super talented, and the best supplier of "pure, no cut" fragrance oils around!  Marcus has been a true friend, a blessing in ministry, and great partner in music and business.  There are very few people in life you can call true friends, and that list grows even smaller when you think of folks you could be in a trench with in a time of warfare.  Marcus is definitely one that exemplifies what a friend and fellow soldier should be.  I'm blessed to have him stand with us on the big day. 


Ronnie Medrano

Nephew of the groom and the closest thing to a little brother that I ever had.  He's gotten me in trouble, told on me, stole my middle name, and snuck into my room when I wasn't at home.  He's also prayed for me, encouraged me, and spoken prophetically into my life.  We were relatively close in age, so the line between nephew and brother was often blurred.  He could literally name ANY car upon sight (year, make, model, engine size, whatever)  at about age four and by age 16 was walking in a true prophetic calling.  Now, he's way on the other side of the map in school in Cali and pursuing an acting career.  It's wonderful to have such a gifted nephew/brother and when he hits it big in Hollywood I'm sure he will pay me back for all my stuff he broke as a kid...with interest.



Ternae Jordan, Jr.

Met this brother while I was working at an elementary school my first year in Chattanooga.  We connected when we discovered that we both shared a common...shall we say...Greek lineage (A Phi).  Since then our friendship has grown, we've worked together in music and in ministry, and had in-depth discussions about everything from geopolitics to Transformers.  A very gifted singer, if me and Marcus can only get him to sing on one track we know it will go like double quadruple platinum!!  Much love bishop!


Eric Jones

Brother E!!!  Just an all around good brother, crazy (the good kind), and certain to keep you ROTFL.  Eric has been a good friend and always willing to help when needed.  He has a heart for ministry and for youth and puts his heart in whatever he does.  He's one to speak his mind and is transparent...what you see is what you get.  Definitely a top notch brother and I'm glad that he will be sharing this day with me and Nique. 


Damien Wigfall

Preacher, friend, and true soldier for Christ.  Wig has always treated me like a part of his family and I definitely view him and his fam as a part of mine.  Very kind and giving and still direct and a straight shooter.  I love his realness and sincerity and the fact that he will snatch you in a minute to help do an illustration for his Sunday School class.  A true family man with an incredible testimony...much love brother Wig and thanks for being a part of this day!


Adareus Jackson

Adareus "AJ" Jackson...this young man does it all.  Runs cameras in the church, runs lyrics in a verse, will co-host a Youth Explosion and then play Jesus in a skit.  He is extremely talented and motivated and I've got a feeling that this is just the beginning for him.  It blesses me so much to have a person in the Youth Ministry who is always eager to help and use his gifts to glorify God.  He's a great example to other young men in the ministry and he's a good son and big brother to his family.  Definitely a great leader in the making!