May 19, 2012
Brent & Eva
Tucker's Point, Bermuda

Wedding Party


Ivy Wang - Maid of Honor, Sister of the Bride

Ivy is Eva's sister- even though she is older by 6 years, she is often confused for being the younger sister! Other than moving to the West Coast and going to HBS, Eva has always followed in Ivy's footsteps-- they both played tennis and piano, went to Harvard undergrad, and now compete in triathlons!


Kierann Smith - Bridesmaid

Kierann and Eva met their first year at Harvard. They bonded over bunk-bed sharing, long nights studying, and varsity athletics. Later they lived together in Eliot House for their junior and senior years. After spending five years on opposite coasts, Kierann finally moved back to the East Coast to be closer to Eva (don't tell her husband that!). Now they share a love of triathlon and hope to do a race together soon!


Gaby Long - Bridesmaid

Gaby and Eva met freshman year at Harvard and they bonded over a mutual love of pop music, specifically Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake! They were COOL back then. Although they were in different houses as upperclassmen they spent their remaining college years as very close friends. Gaby was happy to have Eva in NYC after graduation, and she looks forward to her return with Brent in tow!


Amanda Maya - Bridesmaid

Amanda and Eva met at BMO over 3 years ago where they were cube buddies. Eva educated Amanda on the customs of investment banking, the best of New York restaurants, Perez Hilton updates and how to properly sneak out to the gym during work hours. In turn, Amanda introduced Eva to the world of hip-hop dance videos, fashion and healthy eating. In their spare time, Amanda loves to cook while Eva loves to eat - the perfect yin and yang!


Kara Herskowitz - Bridesmaid

Kara and Eva sat across from each other in investment banking for 3 whole years (that's a LOT of hours facing each other). Kara has educated Eva on gangsta rap music, "enhancing" her lexicon, effectively spotting "hair twins," and shopping online for premier brands.





Chris Frissora, Groomsman

Chris and Brent met in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. Brent was running away from a troubled childhood and Chris took him under his designer-clad wing. Their relationship blossomed over the years. Today, Brent is a member of the top fantasy football league in the country. Factor in his Dave and Busters prowess and it's clear that Brent "Frissora" has come a long way from the mean streets of Perrysburg Ohio with the help and guidance of his "Big Brother" Chris.


Eli Rosenbaum, Groomsman

Brent and Eli met their first year at Harvard where they lived in the same entryway. They bonded over shared interest in pop culture, heated arguments, a friendly, low-stakes poker game, and assisting the debate team with its preparations for tournaments. Over the course of a year as roommates, several years as functional roommates, and a number of culinary excursions together, somehow their friendship remains intact.


Al Gore, Groomsman

Brent and Al spent countless hours in college developing an advanced knowledge of movies, music and a borderline obsession with TextTwist. Although it would take years to sink in, Brent is responsible for teaching Al many fundamental life competencies such as introductory economics, DVD organization and basic housekeeping. Upon hearing that Al had moved to New York, Brent wisely fled to Philadelphia.


Sam Wiggin, Groomsman

Sam and Brent met during their first year at Harvard where they lived in adjacent dorms in the Yard.  They have taken on several adventures over the years, including ski trips to the Rockies, golf outings to Florida, trips to music festivals in the Midwest and South and visits to one another's respective hometowns.  Although they both lived in NYC for several years following undergrad, their latest adventure to business school has sent them to opposite coasts.


Michael Klinger, Groomsman

Mike and Brent met their freshman year of college and quickly became friends. Their friendship grew through time spent hanging out in Cambridge and Chicago suburbs, where both of their families were living at the time. Later, they decided to room together at Harvard for their senior year. Since graduation, they have remained close friends and have survived a number of shared aventures in cities such as Myrtle Beach, Ledyard, Las Vegas and Peoria.