June 22, 2013(Married)
Jared & Charlotte
Our Wedding Website

We first met through Young Life at OSU. I am a year older than Jared, and he was placed after me. For the first few months we did not even speak to each other (even though we were both on the same Young Life team for Westland High School). Once our fellow co-leaders left for the summer, and it was just me and Jared left to take charge, we were forced to talk and get to know one another. It did not take long after that summer to realize that we easily could talk to and be open with each other. Around November of 2010 we increasingly spent more time together, which lead to us having a conversation one night about where our friendship was heading...after some prayer we decided to officially be in a committed relationship in December. Within only a couple of months of being together, we knew that we were supposed to be married (in fact, Jared knew this one first!) We spent the next year and half developing our relationship and purposefully growing together in a Christ-like way. Come May of 2012, Jared proposed with the help of my family and friends keeping secrets from me in order to pull it off without me finding out! And here we are now...preparing for our wedding day and our marriage!