September 23, 2011(Married)
Erik & Erin




Katie Lee - Sister &  Maid of Honor 

What can I say, I'm thrilled to have my "little" sister as my Maid of Honor. She knows me better than anyone else could and knows how to keep me laughing.  It's been amazing to have her in Seattle to help me prepare for the wedding!  Thanks to Katie for designing the save the dates and invitations! So awesome!


Jillian (Holston) Schneeberger 

Jill and I met during our internship at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.  We were slow to grow our friendship at first but were inseperable by the end of the internship.  After that summer we saw each other as much as possible and the next summer we lived together in a little beach house in Brigantine, NJ.  

Now that we live on opposite coasts, Jill and I still see each other as much as possible and spend time lots of time on the phone dreaming about opening our own business... it'll happen one day! :)

I was honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding last summer and can't wait for her to be a part of my wedding day too!


Seven Brooksby

Seven and I met in 8th grade band when we noticed we had the same tennis shoes on (ha!). We both moved on from the flute, but have been best friends ever since!

Seven and I have been through it all togher from the awkward middle school stages, European travel, college, relationships and the birth of her amazing little boy, Mason! 

P.S. - For those who don't know Seven, she's a HUGE Friends (tv show) fan. Try to stump her at Friends trivia, it simply can't be done.


Corris Brooksby

While I've known Corris since middle school, it wasn't until college at Purdue (Boiler up!) that Corris and I became best friends! We lived together for three incredible years and were pretty much inseperable.  It's safe to say that after being roomates and going through major life events together we are aren't just friends, we're family!



Beth Howard

Beth and I lived together in Vegas for almost three years.  She's another Purdue alumni, so I obvilusly liked her from the moment we met!  She's my partner in crime when it comes to country music concerts, shopping, happy hour, game nights, 80's music dance parties and spontaneous travel adventures!   

Beth was with me the night that I met Erik and on my very first trip to Seattle.  Had she not encouraged me to approach Erik at Sapporro sushi, this day would have never happened!


Corry Rogers

Corry and I became friends just about a year and a half ago. Her husband, Demico, and Erik became friends just before my move to Seattle. Meeting Corry is one of the reasons my move to Seattle was so easy for me!  

There's  never a weekend that goes by that we aren't doing something together.  She has also been a huge help in planning the wedding since she was married in Seattle as well.  




Eric Waltermeyer - "Wally" - Best Man

Wally has been my best friend since 7th grade when he moved into the house behind me.  From causing trouble in our relitively quiet neighborhood of Ken Lake to our many memories in Vegas, Wally has been by myside for the entire ride.


Neal Massie

Neal and I met working at Enterprise where we both started at the same branch in Olympia.  Over the past 10 years, Neal and I have shared some Epic times together highlighted by our trips to Vegas (running into Chuck Liddell) and watching the UFC.  


Jan Wooten

Jan and I also met at Enterprise nearly 10 years ago and have become best of friends during this time.  In fact, he is the only Husky that I would have in my wedding party.


Demico Rogers

Demico and I originally met through work (he was working for one of my accounts), but have become extremely close over the past 2 years.  Aside from being a great workout partner (I am mainly his punching bag)  Demico and his Wife Corry have been the couple that we spend nearly every weekend with.  


David Miller

David was there since the day it began...  David and I became great friends when he was working for for Enterprise as my corporate airport contact.  It was on a trip together to Vegas (celebrating my birthday) that I met Erin!  Had David not had a craving for Sushi, this day would have never happened.