We're Getting Married!
MAY 14, 2011
Deanna & Mario
We met while we were both working at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Mario was then a relief attractions supervisor while I was working in the retail department. It wasn't an instant connection coz I initially thought Mario was a lot older than I was (hehehehe!) when in reality, we were only two years apart in age.

After a few hi's and hello's exchanged along the work hallways, and the "free-d-r" (employee dining room for those who don't know! :D) Mario finally asked for my number with "trembling hands". Honestly, that was one of the only two times I've ever seen Mario nervous about anything.

(See, he was supposed to write this section on our website, but since he's taking his sweet time, I'll take the liberty to write my version of our story! :D) -Dee

Realistically, a friend of ours acted as cupid and told Deanna that I really liked her.  So when we had an 'awkward silence' moment in the hallway towards the "free-d-r" Dee said "we should hang out some time."  Well i thought that she was REALLY into me (of course a guy's ego is easily amused) when in fact, it was just a silence breaker for the two of us LOL.  Well, I am glad that Dee did say that, as it did give me the boost to ask for her number (and my hand was shaking, not sure if i was nervous or just hungry ;-) lol)

Anyway, the first date was fun. We met at the Palms Hotel and Casino to have dinner and watch a movie but since it was a spur of the moment date, we had to wait almost 4 hours for the movie we wanted to see (which was ironically, a horror movie called Skeleton Key). While waiting, we decided to just hang out at the hotel's food court (how romantic! :p) and we had the best and longest conversation ever. We were just so different but I just found his stories so interesting. After watching the (horrible) movie and before I drove home that night, I asked him if we were actually on a date or if we were just hanging out as friends.He said it was definitely a date and I was relieved! Haha, I just didn't want to waste my time and invest too much if he didn't feel the same way! We started officially dating on September 18.

**Fast forward to 5 years later...

The second time I ever saw Mario so nervous was about week and a half ago when he finally asked me to marry him in our kitchen and he told me he will love me forever-- and I have no doubt in my mind that he will. :) - On a second note, as i went to go down on one knee, i almost broke our dining room chair.  It wasn't my ideal smooth move i had planned, but it received a quick little chuckle, and a very quick yes from Dee :-)

Though we're from two different backgrounds and completely different cultures, we complement each other so well and I can say that Mario is truly my best friend. We've also had our share of happy and not-so-happy moments during the past five years and though he's the one who can annoy me the most in this world, he's also the one who makes me happiest and the only one who can kiss me dizzy. =)

I gotta stop before this gets too cheesy,, I just can't wait to be his wife! (teeeheee!)
And I cant wait to be her Hubby :-) I love you Deanna! your efforts in our life do not go unappreciated, and I will always cherish each day with you!