Christopher & Natalie
July 14, 2012 Married

Bridal Party 



Maid of Honor & Sister: Christine Ramello 

Christine is my sister and best friend. Christine and I both attended St. Viator High School and the University of Colorado at Boulder together. I feel so blessed to know that she will be standing beside me on my wedding day. She currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.


Matron of Honor: Orly Ripmaster 

Orly is my best friend from Colorado we met coaching soccer camps at the University of Colorado. We became fast friends and have been through everything together from moves across the country to her amazing wedding in Vail Colorado in 2010. Orly is married to Sean Tufts who is also an usher in our wedding. She currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado.


Bridesmaid: Lanisa Tricoci

Lanisa, aka Pigeon, is one of my oldest friends. We met playing soccer for Eclipse. I gave her the nickname Pigeon way back when, and it stuck. We survived the "Hill" and the Chicago night life scene together. Lanisa recently had a baby, Rocco, and in August, she gave me the honor of being his godmother.  Lanisa currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. 


Bridesmaid: Ellen McCready

Ellen, aka E, and I met playing soccer for the University of Colorado. We were not only rommates in college, but when I moved to Boulder last year we once again were roomies.  Ellen and I are always on the move together, whether it's traveling to Aspen for Food and Wine or heading to Vegas for a girls' weekend. Ellen currently lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. 


Bridesmaid/Officiant: Carrie Powers 

Carrie and I met while in law school at Loyola University. We bonded over a common interest in our health care system and have been best friends ever since. We not only survived law school together, but also the bar exam and beyond. Carrie will not only be one of my bridesmaids, but she and husband Mike, will be officiating our wedding. We feel so blessed to have two wonderful people, who have an amazing marriage, lead us into ours. Carrie is a mother of two and currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. 


Flower Dog: Harper Ramello

We love Harper so much! She is the third member of our family, and we are so excited for her to be part of our wedding. She loves to hike, run and play outdoors. Harper is a golden retriever, who currently lives, sleeps and eats in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 


Faux Bride: Madalyn Powers 

Madalyn Kathleen is Carrie's daughter. She was born in October and is a champion cuddler. She is just as cute as can be in Chicago, Illinois.