November 23, 2010(Married)
Patti & Mark
Our Destination Wedding
 We met on the Internet in the Buffalo chat room about four years ago. Mark was very sweet and I enjoyed talking to him so much.
Our relationship grew slowly at first and after several weeks of chatting on-line we decided to meet. He drove from Depew all the way out to Springville to take me (across the street) to Julies for lunch. I ordered a club sandwich which is quite messy to eat. We still laugh about how that is not a good choice of food for a first date. 
Our relationship bloomed from there, with only a couple glitches in between. He is a remarkable man and I am so blessed to have met him. 
Last November he took me to California where he asked me to marry him on Seal Beach by having a 12-foot tall sand castle built for me by Archisand - a national sand castle building company. That was more special than I can even tell you. He had also bought me new clothes, make-up and bath stuff. He woke up before me that day and filled the bath tub with lots of bubble, had breakfast delivered and then we headed out to do some sightseeing before heading to the beach where he proposed. At the beach there was also a beautifully decorated table with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. He had hired an event coordinator to help with all the details. He is amazing I tell you. Then again, he is lucky to have me too! Really! :)