Adam and Melanie
November 17, 2012 Married
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Hi, I'm Adam!

A·dam Seth Fox                                        \ˈa-dəm ˈseth ˈfäks\ noun

1. Son of Perry Fox and Debra Krinsky-Fox.

2. 2009 graduate of Princeton University and quantitative strategist at Knight Capital Group.

Origin: October 7, 1986, Bergen County, New Jersey

Adam on Adam:

I am a Jedi Knight, charged with defending freedom and peace throughout the galaxy. 

Melanie on Adam:

Adam likes obsessively following as many sports games as humanly possible, solving Project Euler problems, wandering around the house singing, and discounting vegetarian options as "not real food."



Hi, I'm Melanie!

Mel·a·nie E·laine Wright    \ˈmɛləni i-ˈlān ˈrīt\ noun

1. Daughter of Carl and Caryn Wright

2. 2009 graduate of Duke University and PhD student in Sociology and Social Policy at Princeton.

Origin: January 10, 1987, High Point, North Carolina

Melanie on Melanie:

When not buried under all my readings for grad school, I like solving Samurai Sudokus, backpacking through the mountains, raiding the fridge for cookie dough, and whining to Adam about wanting a puppy.

Adam on Melanie:

Melanie's hobbies include going for long walks on the beach,  falling asleep on the couch, and sitting on the bathroom counter reading academic papers.