Elle & Eric
October 8, 2011 Married
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I first approached Eric while waitressing at Caprock Cafe. He came into to study for an important appellate case, and I immediately noticed him. In the six months I spent waiting tables, I'd never seen someone come in to actually study. He also stuck out because he was using a black Macbook, which was an uncommon site back in 2008.

He sat in another waitress's section, but I really wanted to talk to him. So I  quickly created a reason to start up a conversation, "hey, is that a MacBook?" Lame, but it worked!

That night, I sat down at his booth every chance I had to speak with him. I had never met anyone so open and easy to talk to, and I found myself sharing all kinds of personal details with him. Only a couple of hours after meeting, I knew he was someone very special. He stayed there and we chatted all evening until the manager kicked him out to close up for the night.

Over the next 7-months, Eric came in to Caprock countless times to "get a burger." I remember hoping he would come in every day and always had butterflies when he did. On one such night, Eric finally invited me out to a polo-themed college party. I asked, "Polo party? So there'll be a lot of fraternity guys there?" Hesitantly, Eric replied, "Well, yeah, there will probably be a lot of frat and sorority-types." Despite how much I wanted to go out with Eric, I declined his offer, "Sorry, but I really don't like frat boys."

Taken a bit by surprise, Eric agreed that a polo party probably wouldn't be much fun and changed his offer: "how about dinner instead?" My eyes lit up...