Rozmin and Ebrahim
March 10, 2012 Married
and our Beautiful Love Story Continues.....

The Bride's Turn - Let's see what Rozmin says...

How we met...


June 2009

The first time I met Mr. Ebrahim Valliani was when he came to Atlanta with some of his friends.  I was meeting up with Shan, Saira and some other friends to go out to dinner after Jamatkhana.  I walked into the hotel so that I could change out of my Indian outfit into an American outfit. As soon as I walked into the lobby, I saw some friends talking to some tall guy.  As soon as I walked up to the group, Eboo, the charmer says,  “Hi Beautiful, I’m Eboo” and leans over and does the traditional “Kushyali Mubarak” kiss in the air on both cheeks and says “I love your outfit, are you wearing that out?”  Confused, with the whole scene I responded, “I’m Rozmin, and NO I’m not wearing this to dinner.” and walked away.

 As soon as I walked out, Eboo walks up to me and says, “Why did you change?  The other outfit looked much better.”  I smirked, rolled my eyes and turned around towards my friend Saira.  Eboo then walks up to Saira and says “Saira, take a picture of me and Rozmin!”  At this point I was very confused, wondering who this guy was and why he acted like he knew me for ages! Later in the night we hung out with all my friends and I got to know him a little bit…


My friends and I planned to go to Chicago since it was my best friend’s Hunaiza Gillani’s 25th Birthday.  I started coordinating plans with Heena Virani, she mentioned that she will be making plans with Eboo on where to go since he knew all the “hot spots” in Chicago. “Eboo?! I remember that guy…I met him in Atlanta…hmm interesting” I responded.  That night, I went on facebook messaged Eboo and started talking about the plans that would take place.  In the beginning he acted like he was “too good” to hang out with us.  I felt as if he was conceited, but at the same time his confidence in himself made me talk to him even more.


As soon as we landed in Chicago till we left Eboo was very accommodating toward all my girls.  He took care of all of us like we were his responsibility and made sure we got to eat everything we wanted!  My friends were very appreciative of this and were like WOW he’s such an amazing person.  Every move he made, I realized how much of a wonderful person he was.  In the beginning that overconfidence was coming off as arrogance, but as I kept talking to him it changed to a person that was just very bold and cared about his friends more than anything else.


Saturday night, we were going to dinner and as we all were walking in the restaurant something dropped out of his pocket.  When I looked down, it was a Tasbih (rosary).  He kissed it and put it back into his pocket and kept walking.  I paused and was in awe, because I am a very religious person and to see that in a guy was something I was looking for, for a very long time.  I really felt as if this was a sign from God.  I mean come on, he had everything I wanted and this sealed the deal ;)  He’s tall, handsome, funny, friendly, loveable, religious minded, loves INDIAN music, has a huge heart and he got along with all my friends …what more does a girl want….2 years and 8 months later here we are .

A girl always has a dream how she wants her prince charming to be.  Eboo definitely is better than what I dreamed of.  I never thought in a million years I would even get a person that’s close to what I imagined.  Every day I thank God for this wonderful blessing he has showered upon not only me, but also my family and my friends.  I love you Ebrahim and I can’t wait to start my life with you.

I’m very excited to be part of the Valliani family.  I’m very close to Mom and Dad, ever since I met them they have taken me as their own.  Mom and I have so much in common-Fashion is just the beginning.  Every time I talk to Dad, I learn something new-seriously I could talk to him forever.  Jawed and Malick give me so much love and it’s a great feeling to know that I can count on them for anything and they’ll be there .  I always wanted a brother when I was little and now God blessed me with a Jhet and a Dever that are better than what I imagined.


The Groom's Turn - Eboo tells his side of the story


How we met...

So by now, I always laugh when I tell this story because it is EXACTLY how we met our first time in Atlanta. We met through our beautiful friends and I remember I had booked a ticket 3 days prior when I decided I wanted to go see Shan. Maxx, Nadeem and some of the other gents would also be in Atlanta for a summer wedding so I thought it would be a good time to get together with everyone.

I remember being at the hotel with Shan when Rozmin came in with Saira. I remember her flashy, hip and PINK Indian outfit. I kissed her on the cheek twice, like we do in Jamat Khana and I remember her face, priceless, like "Who is this guy?" and "who does he think he is?" Then I asked her where her dupatta was, the outfit was stylish and looked great even without one. She smirked and I complimented her outfit, then I turned around and smiled. At the time, I didnt think anything of it and then later in the night when we all went out into the city, we continued that first encounter and started to get to know each other.

The next month Rozmin visited Chicago with her lovely girls and that's when we started talking more. I remember being a good host with a show of the beautiful Chicago nightlife, great restaurants and ofcourse Tahoora's infamous chai on Devon. We all know how cultural Rozmin likes to be and I didn't want to upset her so we added in some Samosas and called it an end to a memorable weekend. She went back to Atlanta, where Rozmin and I talked more and more as the days went on. I won't forget the time she went to eat Chinese food with her family and sent me a picture of her fortune, which read "a current relationship will soon become permanent." My mind said ehhh, but I knew in my heart that she was the one for me. Not a lot of people can understand my complex nature but she does just fine. I'm the optimist, shes the thinker and together we make a fabulous team.

Meeting the Family...

Meeting her family a few months later, with Abdullah Uncle, Mama Zubaida, and ofcourse my "sally" Zehra, I couldnt ask for anything more. God can bless you with a beautiful wife, but when he blesses you with a beautiful wife and family, its an amazing gift and feeling. My parents met Rozmin at the end of the year in December along with my brothers. Rozmin and my Mom share a keen sense in fashion, which brings me back to the Pink outfit that she wore when I first met her. I knew that fashion sense would come in handy and it has because she still sits apart from the rest with her exceptional sense of style, just like my Mom. 

Since then it has been a lot of plane rides back and forth from Chicago to Atlanta and Atlanta to Chicago. When you spend so much time apart, I really cherish the times we are together more, but now I am counting the days until Rozmin is finally here in Chicago, in a place where we can call home, our home.