Didi & Brian
August 11, 2012 Married
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Maya Thornton - Maid of Honor

New York, New York

Maya is a long time friend with both the Bride and Groom.  She went to Berkeley High School with Brian and was Didi's college housemate at U.C. Santa Cruz a.k.a. the Chico House!!!  Maya introduced both Brian and Didi and can take credit for bringing them together.   Maya and Didi have traveled to various places together including a road trip around Texas and Louisiana, and in 2009 they visited Germany and Egypt together.  


Chris Nickel - Best Man


Chris and Brian have been close friends since attending Berkeley High School together.    From hanging out around Berkeley to battling it out together on the rugby field, Brian and Chris share a wealth of great memories.  Chris' mastery and trade is photography as a fine art.



Siobhan Lyons - Bridesmaid

San Francisco, CA

Siobhan and Didi met each other through a mutual friend.  They were both roommates in San Francisco, CA .  Siobhan was her partner in crime during the San Francisco days.  Didi owes her knoweldege of fine wine to Siobhan.  They have both traveled to Charleston, South Carolina last summer.


Geeno Carlone - Groomsman

Oahu, Hawaii

Geeno is a long time friend of the bride and groom.  Geeno and Brian went to Berkeley High School together.  Coincidentially, both Didi and Geeno studied abroad together in Siena, Italy, not having anything to do with Brian -  it's a small world!  Brian is also groomsmen in Geeno's 2012 wedding in Hawaii.  



Diana Meux - Bridesmaid

Bekeley, CA

Diana is Brian's older sister.  She is a sacred music composer and serves two Lutheran churches in the Bay Area with her choir directing talents.  She also works for an acupuncturist who would not be able to function without her.  In her free time, she is currently working on a new business to help distribute sacred music online.


Tom Ford - Groomsman

Los Angeles, CA

Tom was Brian's former boss and has become his career mentor and friend.  Tom had to train Brian, the landloving Salt Lake City native to work the sea in order to restore kelp forests of Los Angeles.  Along with being a great teacher, Tom has been a great friend.


Amanda Welch - Bridesmaid

San Jose, CA

Amanda is Didi's college friend.  Both Amanda and Didi backpacked around Western Europe after college graduation.  While traveling in Croatia they were named mayors of the town of Hvar.  They also traveled around Costa Rica, Hawaii and many other local destinations.  Let's not forget their Santa Cruz, CA escapades such as Tampico and the Blue Lagoon.  


Alejandro Kafie - Groomsman

Tampa, FL

Alejandro and Didi both were UC Santa Cruz classmates.  He was also Didi's Spanish TA in college where she thought she would easily pass until her TA actually made her study.  They were both Politics majors in college.  Alejandro was part of the crazy UC Santa Cruz crew with Maya, Amanda and Jhoanna.  



Jhoanna Williams - Bridesmaid

Los Angeles, CA

Jhoanna and Didi both went to UC Santa Cruz together.  But their friendship really developed when they were South Bay neighbors enjoying their time in the fun town of Hermosa Beach.  They both traveled togther to Vietnam and the Philippines where Didi got the opportunity to meet and stay with Jhoanna's family in Manila.  Didi is also a bridesmaid in Jhoanna's 2012 wedding in Hawaii.



Eric Meux - Groomsman

Los Angeles, CA

Eric is Brian's younger brother, and is living in Los Angeles along with his wife Miriam and dog Wanda.  Eric is working at an economic studies firm, where he can apply his passion of environmental economics.  He enjoys a good game of paintball and is a skilled poker player.


Zachary Woods - Ring Bearer

Zachary is Didi's nephew.  He is 7 years old, and enjoys going to the beach, hanging out with his dog Cody and playing baseball.  He also loves all animals, especially reptiles and marine mammals.  Zachary's younger sister Bianca is a flower girl.  


Chloe Hecht -Flower Girl

Chloe is Didi's niece.  She is 8 years old, and enjoys going to school and singing.  She also likes to play and hangout with her twin older brothers.  



Bianca Woods - Flower Girl

Bianca is Didi's niece.  She is 4 years old.  Bianca enjoys ballet dancing and playing princess dress up.  Her favorite color is pink and she wants to be a pretty princess when she grows up.