Dr. John Budi & Dr. Nisha Haque
November 30, 2013 Married
East meets West Wedding

Picture: From the rooftop of the Calcutta Mercy Hospital


 I went to Calcutta, India because it is the home roots of my family (my mom and dad were born there and immigrated to the states in the early 1980s). Anyways I was there last Feb 2012 fulfilling a long lived dream of mine. I was a fourth year osteopathic medical student at that time and I was on a two month international medical relief mission working hand in hand with Mother Teresa's missionary of the charities. Luckily my parents have an apartment stones throw away from the hospital where I would be working. Well about a month into the rotation my mother was admitted to the hospital where I was working (calcutta mercy hospital). She had a long standing history of chronic pancreatitis which resulted in a rip-roaring bacterial infection in her hip (not exactly the romance story you imagined, right? haha). Anyways usually I would work through the hospital to work in rural areas of the city and hardly ever would stay on the main campus.  Just so happen that day i didnt go off on my rural medicine adverntures but hung back and was busy admitting my  mother into the hospital. As I had finished all the paperwork and was visiting my mother in her room my senior attending's (my boss) assistant comes running into the room frantically stating that i needed to report to his office immeadiately. I thought, "Oh no, what trouble have I gotten myself into now?" I ran downstairs to his office in a panic and busted through his consultation room (not unusual to do in india because there is no such thing as privacy with physican and patient). I asked him,"Hey im here, how can i help?" 

At that same time I registered in my field of view a fairly tall man standing next to him wearing a lanyard. I didnt really give him much attention because first of all i didnt see his face and secondly i thought he was an computer tech guy because those guys are always wearing lanyards (haha).  My boss states, "oh nisha Im happy youre here I want you to introduce yourself to this man," as he points to the lanyard wearing fool. In my head I thought,"WHAT! I just admitted my mom into the hospital why would i introduce myself to a computer tech guy. I dont have time for this." But as I looked up past my visual field of his chest I was welcomed with a very handsome, kind face. He introduced himself, "Hi, my name is John." I immediately thought, "Oh he's american...." We shook hands and I began to find out that he too was a fourth year osteopathic medical student, and he too was going into emergency medicine (just like me)! We stood next to each other and I was in a dreamy daze. As my attending, Dr. Biswas, was talking to me I could only see his mouth move and heard no words because I was lost in my own world smiling, "now this is a man that I could marry." 

From that moment on, the rest of the month was filled with adventures through Calcutta and India.  After working with the sick and dying, John and I would explore the city on our own falling  more and more in love. It was more than a little magical.  

 Picture: from Tiger Hill in Darjeeling watching the sunrise over K2