September 22, 2012 Married
Aly & Alex
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Grooms Party



Best Man

Mike Farinelli

Brother-  Mike was always the typical big brother throughout the years always giving me advice even when it wasn't wanted.  I wouldn't want anyone else standing up there next to me. 



Cole B Morrison

Cole was the one who introduced Aly and I.  For that I couldn't be more grateful.  Not to mention everyone says we look alike with myself being the better looking of course.



Brandon Sullivan

Brandon was one of my best friends from Hotchkiss, CO.  We were both on the wrestling team while out there and was always someone who could make people laugh no matter what was going on.



Kevin Kerr

Kevin I met during the first summer we both got to West Point.  I thought he looked like such a big goober with his Army issued glasses on.  I convinced Kev to join the rugby team our freshman year and we stayed great friends throughout.



Cole Johnson

Cole, my other best friend from Hotchkiss, was also on the wrestling team together.  There is not much that can make a friendship stronger than battling in the wrestling room every day. 



Logan Gunter

Aly's younger brother.  I am so glad that Logan is a part of the wedding, It wouldn't feel right to not have him up there with us. 



Zach Cotreau

Zach is another one of my friends that I met the first summer at West Point.  We both were sitting down in the hall way still trying to figure each other out, when one of us accidentally muttered a curse word...We both laughed until our stomachs hurt and stayed best friends throughout West Point and also now here at Ft Campbell.