Kristina and Jonathan
September 6, 2009 Married
Portland, Oregon
It was a magical afternoon, late fall, at the offices of where Kristina was meeting with one of the sales guys who sat next to me. She looked over and saw two pictures of a little girl sitting on my desk and asked, “Is that Jon’s daughter” He said, “Are you kidding me? That guy can’t even take care of himself”. Kristina was relieved for multiple reasons. First, Jon didn’t have a daughter (or wife). Second, he appeared to be equally as immature as her.

Little did I know she was already interested and was planning out how we would meet. For those of you that know Kristina well, she has mystical superpowers and when she wants something, she usually gets it (except the remote when I’m watching sports). The next meeting was set up through Microsoft Outlook calendar and the location was my desk. I finally got to put a face to the name and we ended up talking the entire meeting, but nothing about work. It was then that my curiosity piqued and I knew I had met someone amazingly special. A few weeks later after frequent e-mails and instant messages we “accidentally” ran into each other at the company Christmas party. Kristina was conveniently hosting the after party at her house and invited me (I would have showed up without the invite). Two weeks later we spent New Years Eve together and two weeks after that I took her on a date for her birthday. Two months after that I was at her sister Lisa’s wedding in Dallas where I met her wonderful family in one fail swoop, became Hop Sing… and the rest is history.