Rachel and Doug's Wedding
July 11, 2009 Married
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Getting Married
It was a beautiful fall day in Ithaca (Monday, October 13, 2008) so we decided to go for a hike in a local park. After a steep climb up the Red Pine Trail at Robert Treman Park, we sat on the log shown in the picture above. Little did Rachel know that she was about to be presented with a ring...thankfully she said “yes” (though only after a few seconds of gasping for air).

Amazingly enough, neither Rachel nor Doug knew which hand the ring was supposed to go on. As you can see in the pictures, we guessed right, i.e. wrong (at least in the traditional U.S. sense). Doug claims his job was to get the ring and hold it for Rachel - it was Rachel’s job to slide the correct finger through. Rachel claims Doug was working with a jeweler and he should have asked that detail. Both claim it does not really matter and the engagement pictures will provide us with years of laughter.

Traditionally, that would be it. Boy asks girl. Girl says yes. Boy and girl are getting married. But neither Rachel nor Doug really liked the way that felt. Why should the decision to get married be based on when the boy feels like asking the girl? Shouldn’t both the boy and girl ask each other? And why is it that only the girl is supposed to wear a ring to signify engagement? Is the boy “still on the market” while the girl is now “taken?”

In light of all of this, Rachel and Doug decided (before Doug even proposed to Rachel) that they should propose to each other. With Doug already making the first move, he had to wait patiently to see when Rachel would ask him the big question. And then it happened. On a cool, wintry day in Ithaca (Thursday, November 13, 2008) - exactly one month after Doug proposed to Rachel - Rachel proposed to Doug under the pergola at the Cornell Plantations by presenting him with a ring. Doug was able to keep himself together and say “yes” without hesitation.

Though Rachel and Doug had learned from their previous experience that the ring goes on the left hand, Rachel’s proposal to Doug had its own memorable nuance. Rachel had sprained her ankle the day before, so she wasn’t able to walk very fast. Doug offered to carry Rachel around the Plantations. Rachel’s eyes glimmered with the thought of romantically being carried in Doug’s arms (did she sprain that ankle on purpose?!). But no, instead Doug found it easier to carry her fireman-style over his shoulder. So much for romance...

We look forward to seeing you soon,
Rachel and Doug