Jay and Celeste
June 29, 2013 Married

Well here we are - the days have slipped away as sand through a swimming suit - and we stand but mere hours from our little convention.  A few last minute news bulitens from your scouts on the ground.


FIREWORKS - For those of you staying in Lewisburg on Friday night there will be 4th of July fireworks in downtown Lewsiburg. We attended this last year and it was very well done. The fireworks are scheduled for 9 pm at Wolfe Field on the northside of downtown Lewisburg


PARADE ALERT - the Lewisburg Parade will be happening at the EXACT same time as the start of our wedding, closing the main street in Lewisburg (Market Street) starting around 10:30am - 12:30pm.  Not a problem if you are staying at the hotels in Lewsiburg, which are all out of the way fo the action, but for those of you staying in Danville or any area east of Lewisburg, please be advised.  I would recommend avoiding the Lewisburg bridge, and crossing the river at either I-80, Milton, or Shamokin Dam.  


WEATHER ALERT -  the weather here has had almost no resemblance to the nearly libelous trash the weather forcasts have been bandying about.  So be prepared for anything.  I don't know why the forcasts have been so off lately, but perhaps like me, they are in a heightened emotional state.  Be gentle to us and perhaps forgive our contraryness.


See you soon -  toodle pip!