Cackle and Monkey's Wedding!
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Cackle's Wedding :: May 26, 2012

Welcome to the planning bio for Cackle and Monkey's wedding on May 26th, 2012! I'm beyond excited to finally be planning our wedding! I hope you enjoy my planning bio.

Also, for those of you curious where the nicknames came from - Cackle has been a nickname of mine since high school, where apparently I used to laugh a lot to the point where when we were playing get to know you games involving sounds, everyone said my sound should be cackle, and it kinda stuck. These days it's just my username for most things.

As far as Monkey, it's not really his nickname so much as a name he uses for his web stuff. I actually don't know why he uses that name. Hmm. Even after almost 5 years there are still things I don't know about  him, heh. :)


My amazing, perfect, very sparkly ring that he picked out all on his own! -------->