March 24, 2012  (Married)
Andrew & Patricia's Wedding

In 2009 Andrew & Patty started their life together. In a quick whirlwin, they moved in together within just a few weeks, and soon began their story of love.

Many second hand items, and up's and downs later, they have finally decided to take the next step and say "I do".

They invite everyone in their family, and friends circle to come and celebrate this amazing day with them. 

If your unable to view this as a wedding for them - then view it as a day of celebration of their love for one another. Today is their special day! 

Note from the bride:
When Andrew and I started our life together, there were many second hand items given to us, and we quickly had to grab and buy what ever we could afford. And everyone knows, when they are ust things you "can afford" they arent the best. But we quickly built up our home for Kathleen and both of us. 

Since we have lived together for over two years now, we are not in "need" of anything. But, we have created a gift registry if anyone would like to buy or bring a gift, there are suggestions on the list at Target. 

also, we will be having a raffle at the wedding to help defer the cost, and we would love to have you join us in that as well :-)