October 13, 2013 Married
Annelle and Zach

We know that it is traditional to register for home furnishings and appliances for wedding gifts. However, we recently bought a small condo in Boston and merged all of our belongings together. Needless to say we don't have a lot of space for traditional registry items. That said, we LOVE to travel so we have made our main wedding registry a travel registry to help us take our dream honeymoon; a 2 week trip to South Africa and Mozambique in November!

On the honeymoon registry listed below (click on: Honey Fund) you'll find an assortment of activities, excursions and upgrades we're hoping to add to our travel itinerary. If you'd like to give us a wedding gift, we'd love if you'd consider helping us make this dream honeymoon come true!  Not only will we begin our married life together in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, we'll know that it's our friends and families who helped us get there.

We did register for a few items at the stores listed below, for those who prefer more traditional gifts.

We want to thank everyone so much in advance for their kindness and generosity. We're excited to see you all in October!!