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Finding the Right Accessories

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Let's Accessorize!

Accessories can be the finishing touch that ties your look together perfectly, or they can look like unnecessary bulk that you threw on in all the wrong ways-and we're guessing you'd like the first! So, follow these simple rules to help you create a flawless bridal look.
  • Your ring is a must. Other than your engagement ring, you may not want to wear any jewelry on your fingers. You don't want to detract from the beauty of the ring!
  • Guide the eye. Use jewelry to guide the eyes of your guests to where you want them to be looking.
  • Balance your look. The jewelry you wear should balance your overall look, not overwhelm it. Remember to factor in the embellishment on your dress and in your hair.
  • Strive for a combination of elegance and practicality. Consider the surfaces you'll be walking on and the amount of time you'll be standing. If you're having a beach wedding, 5-inch stilettos might not be the best idea!
  • Should your shoes be a splurge? The more visible your shoes are under your dress, the more you'll be able to rationalize the cost.
  • Take your shoes to your fittings. Your shoes will definitely affect your dress alterations, so be sure to bring them with you to every fitting.
  • Try one on. Even if you think you don't want to wear a veil, try one on to be sure. Veils connect brides to the tradition of marriage and this might be a feeling you don't know you're missing.
  • Compliment your gown. When it comes to matching, it's best to match perfectly or have a sharp contrast.
  • Consider your face shape. Full veils generally flatter narrow faces, while lighter veils flatter fuller faces.

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