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African Queen

by 2Face Idibia
Album: African Queen
Genre: Rhythm and Blues

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Yeah, yeah, you are my african queen, oooh lord, oooh lord
Just like the sun, light up the earth, u light up my life
The only one, I've ever seen with a smile so bright
And just yesterday, u came around my way
And changed my whole scenery with ur astonishing beauty
oh You coulda make a brother sin, no ordinary thing
A supernatural being, and ooh... you are just brighter than the moon
Brighter than the star, i love u just the way u are.

and u are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams.
you take me where i've never been
you make my heart go ding-a-ling-a-ling, oh ahh
you are my African Queen, the girl of my dreams
And u remind me of a thing
And that is the African beauty yahhh


yahh yahh oooo, you are my african queen, oh lord, oo lord hmm
Out of a million u stand as one
the outstanding one
i look into ur eyes, girl what i see
is paradise yeah
u captivated my soul
now everyday i want u more o o oo
how can i deny this feeling am feeling inside ey
oh no one can never take ur place
can never take ur space
thats a fact i cannot erase
and u, u are the one dat makes me smile
make me float like a boat upon d nile.

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oooo ooooo yaahhh yahhh hu hu hu

you are my African Queen and I know, oh yes i know hhn
you are my African Queen and I know, see I know
See I know what I am feeling in my heart and in my soul
oh I know that it is love
And I know that this love was surely sent from up above
Cause u're the only one I think of
U are my African Queen
And I know that this means that u're the only one that I will serve
I'll give u my heart, my love, my body and my money
Every other thing u think of
Who could think of anything better than u
Who could think of ever hurting u
Sacrifice my all, i'll give it all to u
you are my African Queen


So black, so beautiful
I love u, i love u, i love u,i love u munyemo, i love u, i love u, i love u, munyemo, i love u, i love u, ooohhh yeah, my African Queen, I love u, I love u.

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Private User says...
I love 2Face Idibia. This song makes me feel special everyday let alone dancing to it on my wedding day. I'm sure I'll feel like a true African queen.

Jasmine says...
I love this song......
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