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Parents Prayer

by Steven Curtis Chapman
Genre: Contemporary

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I guess we have always known
That a day like this one would come
When our children would leave us
And begin to build a home of their own
Lord, all you have taught us
We have gladly passed on to them
But one thing we don't know
Is how to place them back in your arms again

Lord, help us let go of two
That they might become one
Just like the Father, Spirit, and Son
Two hearts invisibly bound in love
By a vow that will not be undone

Now in your tender care
Lord, be all that we cannot be
And help us to trust you
When we don't see you quickly meeting their needs
For you have provided
Since the day you gave our children to us
But now, in your arms dear Jesus
The time has come for giving them up


The urge is strong
To try holding on
To the image of two
The way that we knew them
But now in your eyes
The two will be as one

Repeat CHORUS 2 times

By a vow that will not be undone
By a vow that will not be undone

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Stephani says...
I fell in love with this song!! It's going to be sang by a friend of ours while our mothers are lighting their candles and being seated! I can't wait!!

Enola says...
Where can I find a cd with music only, no vocals.
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